’09-10 Player Reviews: Fredrik Sjostrom


    Next up: Fredrik Sjostrom, profiled by SkinnyFish:
    The Summary: Brought over from the Calgary Flames alongside Dion Phaneuf, Shoe Storm was initially overlooked in that deal as Phaneuf was the big name coming back. However it quickly became apparent that Sjobacca was just the man to fix the atrocious Maple Leafs‘ penalty kill, something that he’s become one of the league’s best at.

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    The Discussion:

    Where do you see Schlitzstrom fitting in to the overall scheme of things for next season? Does he play low minutes on the 4th line and PK, or does he continue to play on the 3rd like he did this past season? After this year, do you think he should resigned for the 2011-12 season? Do you have any other awesome nicknames for him?

    Audience Participation:

    Rate Sjostrom’s performance last season on a scale of 1-10 relative to his potential and your expectations for the season.