Burke Holding Cards Tight


Brian Burke stated this morning, “if these offers are all we get, he is staying put,” in regards to the Tomas Kaberle trade watch. It has put many fans on their heels as they await a trade, but it should be known that this statement could be nothing more than a trade tactic.

With nearly half a dozen offers reportedly sent the Maple Leafs and Brian Burke’s way, he has simply let the rest of the league know that he is willing to hang on to his asset. Now, circulated rumors suggest the Leafs may sign Kaberle to an extension. Should the league feel the Leafs will ultimately trade Kaberle and will accept the best offer when it comes down to the 11th hour, they may be hesitant to increase their offerings for the veteran playmaking defenceman.

In turn, Burke makes it known he’s willing to keep Kaberle in hopes to better the deals on the table before making a decision. Fortunately for Leafs fans, the Leafs win one way or the other. Keeping a player of Kaberle’s talent on the back end to lead their powerplay charge is beneficial for the club. Trading him to fill some holes up front and allow the likes of Phaneuf, Beauchemin, Gunnarsson and Schenn to take charge of the powerplay is also a good decision. No matter what Burke does in this situation, based on the quality of the deals on the table, he walks away a winner.

That said, I still believe Tomas Kaberle will be a member of the Maple Leafs tomorrow morning.

Other Kaberle Rumours:

The Orange County Register has stated Anaheim has turned their attention away from Kaberle and are pursuing Willie Mitchell to fill the void on the back end, so all rumours involving Bobby Ryan or Corey Perry are finally put to rest.

San Jose is also still reported to be in the mix, offering up Derek Joslin, but the likelihood of Burke accepting any trade involving a defenceman as the return is slim.

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