We’re Going Streaking!!!


No the Toronto Maple Leafs are not trying to reacquire Jiri Tlusty but they are quickly turning into one of the streakiest teams in the NHL this season.   With their current four game winning streak going strong I thought I’d take a look at just how streaky they have been – Toronto now has 18 wins, 20 losses plus 4 overtime/shootout losses. 

Of the Leafs 18 wins, eight have been garnered on some form of a winning streak as the Leafs started the year on a four game winning streak.  However, the losses have also come in bunches, greatly counteracting the impressive win streaks, and then some. 

There was an eight game losing streak from October 28 until November 13 and another four-game losing streak from November 26 through December 2, 2010.  Finally, prior to this current four game winning streak the Buds lost five of six games from December 16 through December 30.

There were a few points mustered in some of those losses but overall it appears the Leafs are either totally rolling or completely slumping.  At various point this season the Leafs have had a serious winning streak or horrible drought in 22 of the teams games played.  Take away all of the big winning/losing stretches mentioned above and the Leafs would basically have an 8-5-1 record.

Can we take anything away from this or learn something about the team based on any of this?  Hard to say, but if the Leafs could have stopped the bleeding quicker and not have gone into such deep funks this season would be looking a lot more promising.  Streaks are obviously a big part of sports but the Maple Leafs have seemingly taken it to an extreme during this current NHL season, and the streakiness hasn’t really benefited them much.

Though I know it seems unlikely, the Leafs will probably lose a game again this season (gasp), however the ability to bounce back quickly with a timely victory will ultimately determine their fate this season. 

The Leafs literally cannot afford another lengthy losing streak if they hope to salvage this season and while they are obviously facing a serious uphill climb back into the playoff picture to quote the great Yogi Berra “It aint over till it’s over”.

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