Offering some support after a tough weekend for Kessel


    For a weekend that should’ve been a reprieve from the firestorm that has been the 2010-11 Maple Leafs campaign for Phil Kessel, the 23-year-old took a beating over the All-Star weekend. If Kessel still played for the Boston Bruins and was picked last in the All-Star draft, it would’ve been a virtual non-story. The controversy of the price for which Kessel was acquired was always going to be a unabating debate and a major part of Brian Burke and Phil Kessel’s legacy alike; this I knew. But what enraged me was the manner in which opposition fans and pundits hurled rocks at an easy target like Phil Kessel because they still after all these years can’t accept that the Leafs, no matter how bad, are ALWAYS relevant. And typically the debates and one liner pot shots fan threw Kessel’s way all ignored the important surrounding facts. On that note, I’ll post below some numbers MLHS’ Cameron ran today about Kessel’s numbers given his support. Chin up, Phil:

    “Kessel’s stats are actually very, very solid given his support. Check this out:

    All-Star Winger Goal Production:

    Daniel Sedin – 27
    Patrick Sharp – 26
    Corey Perry – 25
    Rick Nash – 23
    Marty St.Louis – 20
    [[[[ PHIL KESSEL – 19 ]]]
    Alex Ovechkin – 19
    Claude Giroux – 19
    Loui Eriksson – 17
    David Backes – 16
    Martin Havlat – 14
    Patrik Elias – 13
    Patrick Kane – 13

    Production of most common linemates:

    Loui Eriksson – Richards/Neal – 94 points
    Daniel Sedin – H.Sedin/Burrows – 89 points
    Marty St.Louis – Stamkos/Downie – 88 points
    Alex Ovechkin – Backstrom/Semin – 81 points
    Corey Perry – Getzlaf/Ryan – 76 points
    Patrick Kane – Toews/Brouwer – 68 points
    Rick Nash – Brassard/Voracek – 66 points
    Patrick Sharp – Hossa/Kopecky – 58 points
    Claude Giroux – Carter/Powe – 55 points
    David Backes – D’Agostini/Boyes – 55 points
    Martin Havlat – Brodziak/Bouchard – 35 points
    Patrik Elias – Arnott/Tedenby – 33 points
    [[[[PHIL KESSEL – Bozak/Crabb – 27 points]]]]”

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