My Name Is Jonas, Gustavsson


    Why not take a little break from the intense trade rumours playoff chase and enjoy this little parody I put together of Weezer’s “My Name Is Jonas.” Follow me on twitter @SantosDan

    My name is Jonas
    Sent down by the Leafs
    Thanks for all you’ve shown us
    This is how we feel

    Get well in two weeks
    Man the Marlies‘ crease
    Just like Pogge did
    Before he went crazy
    Kessel got picked last
    At the all-star draft
    Got a brand new car
    Pretend to laugh ’bout it

    Boo birds too much of the time
    Ticket costs make ’em go blind
    The fans say, “Hey man, we can go all the way”
    I guess we can plan the parade

    My name is Wilson
    Head coach of Darryl Boyce
    Fresh out of ideas
    But I’ll still juggle lines, juggle lines

    Tell me what to do
    When the goals run dry
    Now this Phil won’t chat
    And you know what else?
    Guess what I received
    In the mail today
    Words of deep concern
    From my general manager

    Rebuilding’s not going as we planned
    Armstrong has injured his hand
    Lebda cannot take a pass
    I hope we don’t finish in last

    The waffles are coming down
    The waffles are coming down
    The waffles are coming down
    The waffles are coming down

    My name is Jonas

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