First impressions of Colborne


    Having taken in Joe Colborne’s debut in today’s Marlies – Griffins game, here is Kats’ first blush scouting analysis of the newest Leaf:

    Big, rangy pivot, fairly swift and quick .. first two-step quickness leads into wide horseshoe stride, only a few required to hit top speed .. stride gets slushy when hurried .. net presence, if not directly in front – especially on PP today – he’s hovering in dirty areas .. entered dangerous slot area to pick up rebound and snap first as a Marlie .. seemed to handle the puck very little, passing it off and trying to get to the net – also part unfamiliarity being his first game .. gravitated toward where the puck was defensively leading to openings where a center would cover, like down low by the top of the crease .. also follows puck carrier instead of finding open space to be an option off the rush .. has to open the gap between himself and mates .. doesn’t utilize size well enough and doesn’t finish checks .. could be more intimidating, especially with his wingspan .. will improve fighting along the boards when he’s filled in .. fighting off physical pressure will improve as well, while sporting good puck protection instincts .. successful debut scoring his first, but there is still some work.