The Vancouver Canucks look to finish off their “3venge” of the Chicago Blackhawks tonight (really they have to win the Cup first though). The manner in which the Blackhawks, a shell of the 2009-10 championship team, backed into the playoffs and since game one have looked a team that wants it less than the opponent doesn’t quite have me convinced on the “playoff Canucks” just yet. Not to deny that they’re the most talented team in the league or that they’ve held onto the rights to the title “front runners,” but round one is just the beginning and looking at the competition I personally have a hard time envisioning someone besting Detroit.

The Blackhawks will miss Brent Seabrook tonight. If there’s an upside to that, the lack of supplementary discipline on Torres should provide some added incentive. With one out with [possible] concussion, another returns from one as Dave Bolland, a Canuck killer in the last two playoff meetings between these teams, will return to the Hawks lineup.

In regards to the MLHS playoff pool (standings here), I bet all of you that took the “stock up with Canucks” approach didn’t realize that a quick sweep would mean less games to gain points, right? Kind of a flawed system, I know.

Los Angeles and San Jose play the late game. That series is tied at 1s. Consider this an open thread to talk about whatever.

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