Morning Mashup: Is today the day?


Darren Dreger reports early this morning that while final sale and relocation details are being sorted out between True North and the Atlanta Spirit Group, there is hope the announcement of a Thrashers relocation to Winnipeg could come today. Atlanta lawyers still need to sign off on the agreement (as well as the league with an official approval), but we could very well see Canada get a seventh team back on this final day of May, 2011.

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The New Mythology

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Greg Wyshynski with the analysis.

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The Nucks’ checking line center is still noncommittal about a possible return but he’s feeling the best he has since his horrific eye injury in mid March.

Winnipeg Links:

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More talk of an announcement possibly coming today.

No Thrashers to Winnipeg announcement on Tuesday, NHL says

Bill Daly says no announcement today, but if possible the league would surely move to get this announced so their SC Final showcase can take front and center tomorrow.

Bettman and the Jets: Tales from NHL’s flight from Winnipeg

Your Say

To borrow from Mikael Traikos’ piece, while the NHL appears to be returning to Winnipeg with perfect timing economically, “What happens if and when the Canadian dollar dips again? What happens when the current CBA gets restructured and players are earning more? What happens when the Jets or the Moose or whatever they will be called miss the playoffs year after year, as the Thrashers have?”