Morning Mashup: A Threat Of A 3-0 Hole


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Tonight can’t come fast enough if you’re the Boston Bruins or the Vancouver Canucks. For Boston, it means a chance to get back into the swing of things by winning Game 3 in your own building. For Vancouver, it means a chance to put a stranglehold on the series.

A chance the magnitude of which is better explained by going over the probability of a 3-0 deficit comebacks throughout the course of time. In the league’s history only 3 teams managed a 3-0 series comeback. In 1975, after opening their Stanley Cup quarterfinal series with three losses to the Penguins, the New York Islanders put together a four-game streak, completing the comeback with a 1-0 win in Pittsburgh. Then of course, we have the Philadelphia Flyers last year and…

In what is still considered the greatest comeback in NHL history, the Toronto Maple Leafs defeated Detroit in the 1942 Stanley Cup Final after losing the first three games by scores of 3-2, 4-2, and 5-2. The Maple Leaf comeback began with a 4-3 victory in Detroit, and continued with a pair of convincing wins: 9-3 and 3-0. A record crowd of over 16,000 people packed Maple Leaf Gardens to see Toronto take the Cup by beating Detroit 3-1 in game seven.

In hockey, and more so in a best of 7 series, next game is always more important than the previous one/s. While Boston may be a good team, they are most probably not good enough to mount a 3-0 comeback in a battle with a superior team, which makes Game 3 all the more important.


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Who wins game 3? Are you at all impressed with the Sedins in the playoffs? If the Leafs move up in the draft, to where do we move up to?

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