Given the date, I’m not sure if this is an inspirational pump up video or a cruel tease:

Leafs Links:

Adjusted Toronto Maple Leaf Fenwick Numbers

Cam Charron at The Leafs Nation explains how the Fenwick numbers shake down with the Leafs.


Jon S. at Puckin’ Eh looks at what to expect from Nazem Kadri this season.

Leafs’ Larry Hillman underrated for sure – and he played the best hockey of his life to help the Leafs win it all in ’67

VLM profiles one of the most underrated Leafs of all time.

Other Hockey Links:

Jets logo plane and simple

The Winnipeg Jets usher in a new generation with the unveiling of their team logo. It looks pretty sharp if you ask me.

Derek Boogaard’s brother charged in OD death

Aaron Boogaard charged with unlawful sale of a controlled substance in relation to his brother’s death. Horrible situation gets worse here.

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