MLHS Tickets List


As you may be aware, the Maple Leafs‘ regular season tickets officially went on sale this morning. Unsurprisingly, the sales went fast and furious. So if you were like me (curse Ticketmaster!) and didn’t land the games you wanted, not to worry! I’d like to announce a bit of a community feature I’ve been working on.

I know a few season ticket holders who will occasionally look to unload tickets at more reasonable numbers than what you’d find on StubHub and what not. These will typically on shorter notice as they figure out which games they will not be attending. Those of you who have been part of the community for a couple seasons now will know that demand for these is usually way more than can be accommodated, so I will send out notices via email and everything will function on a first come first serve basis.

It was fantastic to be able to provide several parents last year with the opportunity to finally afford to take their kids to their first game. Everybody deserves a chance to get out to a game this year. Let’s make it happen. If you are interested in getting on the email notification list for tickets, please drop me an email at TranMLHS (at)