According to initial reports from Bob McKenzie and TSN, the deal is worth in the neighbourhood of $3.5 million a season.

Worry no more, Schenn will be present and accounted for at training camp.

The number looks pretty fair. It puts him in the company of veteran defencemen Nick Schultz and Willie Mitchell, as well as younger guys like Ryan Suter and Brent Burns. The latter pair are bigger contributors on the offensive side of the puck, but they’re also three or four years older. If you were to disregard age and potential and appraise Schenn based on his last three seasons, he probably falls closer to $3 million. However, the nature of Schenn entering the league as early as he did is that the Leafs had to renegotiate before Schenn turned 22, and pay a fee for potential on the shutdown defenceman with some room to grow offensively.

Schenn will be a UFA at deal’s end, but could have been UFA-eligible in four. The Leafs will still be in a weaker bargaining position come the next round of negotiations, but it could’ve been worse.

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