Game In 10: Game 2, Leafs vs. Sens


    The kind of Battle of Ontario we all like to see, this was a hockey game in all its glory. Big hits, some scraps and a whole lot of goals. Tense stuff, crazy stuff, but most of all plenty of things to be happy about if you’re a Leafs fan. And you are, aren’t you. Being a Sens fan just doesn’t make sense.

    1 – The Leafs are 2-0-0, made it, Ma! Top of the world!

    2 – 2 games in, Komisarek is playing good defensive hockey. That’s about one game more so than last season. You won’t hear me complaining. Gunnarsson played a really smart game, something that’s often overlooked when talking about him.

    3 – After a high stick on Armstrong, Kulemin made a great pass to set up Grabo on the PP, who set up a two touch shot and put it in behind a scrambling Anderson. Why are those two so good? Frattin knows. He is keeping it simple, energetic and effective too.

    4 – On the second goal, which came 6 minutes after, Joffrey Lupul showed tremendous patience on the tape to tape feed to Kessel, who will soon be mistaken for an NHL superstar if he keeps scoring on a shots like that. Not only that, but the effort on the second goal showed off his growth as a hockey player. Lupul also scored our second goal PP goal of the night with a tip-in from Liles’ point shot & assisted on the second goal by Kessel. 4 points for Lupes so far.

    5 – What I really like about the new look PK is that the units seem more aggressive, along with showing a better effort and work rate. It’s amazing how noticeably better those things look. Of course, it translates to the stats. Dupuis and Steckel really added an extra element to it.

    6 – So Don Cherry thinks it’s turning into no hitting league. Well, Dion showed how to hit cleanly and ferociously as he destroyed Stephane Da Costa on the Leafs blueline. A hockey hit if I ever saw one. BOOM!!!

    7 – So far, Steckel has been a slam dunk for Brian Burke. Little things win you games. Blocked shots do it as much as goals and assists. Steckel is coordinating the PK, winning faceoffs, blocks shots. But he isn’t little by any means.

    8 – Something that’s worth noting, Dion now has 25 points in his last 38 games for the Leafs. Not too soon to say Calgary Dion is back, only this time the fire comes in a blue and white uniform.

    9 – Colton Orr scored a goal. Mhm, Orr -> goal. A diving shot on the rebound. Talk about sticking it to the Sens. Congratulations Colton, great to have you back but you know it’s bad when Colton scores on ya.

    10a – Stephane Da Costa scored for the Sens but it wasn’t an issue since Kessel practically ended things moments before with a sublime goal for his first Leafs hattrick. Not many better ways to end it than that. Congratulations Phil, you 40 goalscorer you. More impressive, he showed off his continuing development into a more complete player with a key interception late before killing time in the Sens’ end. If Kessel being on the ice with under a minute left in a one goal game isn’t a vote of confidence from Wilson, I don’t know what is.

    10b – Shocking third period eh? 6-5 Leafs. A wild wild ride. Well, it’s really early in the season. 80 games left. I know we didn’t like the end, but the team played 50 minutes of great hockey. Not much you can do on a 5 on 3 for the full two minutes…  The positives – 50 minutes of play and the fact we showed mental toughness to win it in the end. The negative – giving the Sens a way into an already won game.

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