Back to back in Columbus. A beast that is Rick Nash was no match for Crabb people and Big Ben Scrivens – no? Ok then. Read more about it down below.

1 – The Leafs are 9-3-1 and the Leafs, the Leafs, the Leafs are on fire, we don’t need no water let the Blue Jackets burn. Burn Blue Jackets, burn.

2 – Congratulations to Ben Scrivens on his NHL debut and what a debut it was. Gotta keep in mind that we were outshot by a high margin (39-18) and the youngster made a good number of very high quality stops in his first ever big league game. Good call by the coach to start the erm Scurvy? I’m not good at devising nicknames.

3 – An early penalty kill set the tone for the first period where we played with surprisingly fresh legs but if not for Scrivens, it wouldn’t have ended 2-0 Leafs.

4 – A Columbus turnover in the neutral zone, great feed and patience by Lupul and Crabb puts it in. Hot Crabbs, who wants some hot Crabbs, hot Crabbs here! That’s why he’s up here, to provide some further secondary scoring that Frattin wasn’t quite up to yet. Then, Grabo to Clarke MacArthur and he scores his fifth goal of the season. Shoot, shoot, shoot on Mason. One could make a song out of this.

5 – Shoot shoot shoot on Mason, Liles had a crack and out he chased him? Nope, Mason remained in net. However, if that’s Columbus’ franchise goalie, they have bigger problems than paying James Wisniewski ________ (randomly insert a better defenseman) money. Clarke MacArthur again, it’s 4-0 Leafs aaaaaaand now Mason hits the bench. Rightfully so.

6 – Is it just me or does our defense seem to play better in front of anyone not named Jonas Gustavsson? Or does a goalie that appears calm in net give that same confidence to his defense? Because tonight, Scrivens did just that. Also, the defense didn’t play that well, better, but not that much better. 38 saves.

7 – A big PK during the middle of the second period. If the Jackets had scored there, it would have been a two goal game again. Things would have been interesting again and the Jackets would have gained some life. Dupuis made a huge play in the first minute of the PK to prevent a goal. PK was perfect tonight (4/4) and I do think Wilson is happy.

8 – The team did a great job on Rick Nash who usually creates more mayhem for the opposing checkers because of his strength, skill, speed and epic beard or mustaches. Rick, listen, I know you’re a Leafs fan so I was thinking…

9 – With only 28.3 shots per game allowed, Columbus is 9th in the league. Combine that with them being 28th in the league in goals against per game (3.25) and you pretty much have an answer to why they stink. Yes, goaltending is important.

10 – A surprisingly good back to back effort, and an unsurprisingly bad Steve Mason. So basically, that’s how fans of other teams were feeling when Toskala was in the net for the Leafs. Nice. Makes things easier on the old ticker. A good win in a game that could have been a lot closer than it was.

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