Morning Mashup: Bouncing Back



The effect we as people have on this planet is pretty big. But, some things we just can’t control. Some things we can just deal with. Big losses are a part of life. Be it personal losses, losses for the global hockey community or just crushing defeats in a hockey game. They will happen regardless of our best wishes, desires or hopes.

In this life, no path is without roadblocks, no bridge without holes. Each hole we step in gives us an opportunity to learn and more importantly, to grow stronger. What’s important is how you deal with those losses. Each and every stumble, tragedy or loss gives us a chance to honor ourselves (and those lost) by making the most of our opportunity here on this Earth.

I know character must seem like an overused and overstated cliché, but to this writer, very few things matter more, in hockey and in life. After a crushing blow dealt by the Bruins to Leaf players and fans alike, how we respond will be the difference between a good team and a bad team. Don’t kind yourselves; a lot is riding on that Florida game.

I do believe we’re a character team. Unlike the Leaf teams in previous years, this team has what it takes to bond together and overcome something that could have a snowballing effect on our results this season. This team is built on youthful enthusiasm and is still growing together, so there will probably still be more missteps than your usual veteran squad, but they don’t make our Leafs any less of a team. However, the ability and desire to bounce back will tell us everything we need to know about this group of players.

If this team is anything like its virtuous and loyal fanbase, they will overcome adversity and show everyone that being the No1 ranked team in the NHL wasn’t just a result of randomness and chaos of the opening month. And, much like I believe in individuals who bravely deal with personal loss, and as I trust in the hockey community that so defiantly stands tall against each blow dealt to it during the course of this black summer, I also believe in the current day Toronto Maple Leafs.


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