In which Ron Wilson announces his own contract extension


Of course, as you are all aware by now, Wilson had earlier taken to Twitter with a less-than-subtle hint for Santa Claus:

Looks like he got his wish. Personally I think he should have asked for new penalty killers, but to each his own.

Love him or hate him, you’ve got to admit no other coach uses Twitter quite like Ron Wilson does. It’s only fitting that, given various exchanges the media this season and others, he would take it upon himself to break the news of his own extension. On Christmas Day, no less.

Is Wilson’s tweet guaranteed to cause the more literal types to blow a gasket over channels of communication and the ethics of trolling Twitter with breaking news? I would be shocked if at least a couple of the usual suspects didn’t get their backs up over this. Is Wilson’s tweet further evidence he may be among the most entertaining hockey follows on Twitter? Of that, there is no question.

Tyler Dellow of mc79hockey puts it best:

mc79hockey: If you have the slightest sense of fun, you have to love how @coachrw63 uses Twitter.

Indeed we do. Here’s hoping everyone’s Christmas morning was as joyful and merry as Ron Wilson’s (apparently) was. What’s in your stocking?