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Since starting the season on a 4-0-1 tear, the Leafs have performed at a consistently-inconsistent 25-25-6 clip. The story of pretty much any Leafs game this season can be summarized as follows: You’ve got offense, defense and goaltending: Pick one.

Rare has been the occasion where even two of those facets has performed up to expectation at the same time. With all of three days to go until the trade deadline, the talk is permeating every corridor of Toronto: Who is available? Who will depart? And is there enough time left for the Leafs to turn their season around?

Is it possible the volume of trade talk has had a negative impact? Players will always claim they don’t pay attention to it, but where in Toronto can one turn without smacking face-first into the subject? Telling is the Leafs‘ 1-6-1 record in their past 8 games. As recently-traded Kyle Quincey told reporters, “There’s a lot of guys whose bags are packed outside their door.” If it’s a distraction in Colorado, how could it not be one in Toronto? These next three days can’t go by quick enough.

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