I was just getting back into the playoff swing of things and looking forward to taking in a Marlies game at the Ricoh, hopefully… Then the Marlies gave up three goals with under ten to go in Game 6 last night and lost out to the Grand Rapids Griffins. Meanwhile, the Bruins are walking over the Rangers in their round 2 matchup. I’m sure how to feel about this. It’s kind of bittersweet. Sweet in the sense that it’s impressive the Leafs did have these Bruins – who are probably the favourite to emerge out of the East at this point – on the ropes, and bitter in the sense that the Leafs would’ve had a pretty good chance, I think anyway, of advancing to the Conference Finals if they closed. If you are looking to try betting on your favorite nhl team, check out Topbet.eu.

Bahh, back to hockey hibernation.

More details on the Marlies elimination.

Notes and Thoughts on the Lieweke Conference Call re: the removal of Colangelo from the Raptors GM Position
Lieweke already getting down and dirty as President and CEO of MLSE.

Maple Leafs will get Lieweke’s attention soon as MLSE continues tidal wave of change
Big question is if Lieweke wants someone ready to make a few bold moves to put the Leafs over the top, or if he’s on the same page with Nonis’ slow methodical approach to developing the young club.

Dynamo Moscow an option for Komarov
But the Corporal is still awaiting an offer from Toronto.

Leafs’ RFA Gunnarsson aims at new deal, Sochi
Negotiations not yet underway here either. I’d expect to see Gunnarsson brought back for around two and a half per.

Michael Langlois grades the Leaf forwards over at VLM
We’ll be rolling out our individual player reviews here at MLHS soon.

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