Morning Mashup: COMPLY!


It’s been awhile. How do these work again?

Seriously. Despite Tweeting up a storm during the playoffs, I haven’t written anything since January. Call it a combination of hell the lockout sucking the passion out of me and Burke’s firing amounting to a platinum-knuckled gut punch at the time. But new posts are coming, and I need your help!

(Not really. But it will be a lot easier and quicker if I crowd source opinions and call it research!)

Sometime soon, I want to go in-depth on compliance buyouts options for the Leafs. Because, y’know, we haven’t talked about those nearly enough. Or yesterday. If you can (and even though you probably already have, at length), please sound off in the comments below with one (or a combination) of the following options:

A) Who you would use the Leafs‘ compliance buyouts on this summer? This question is stupid. We know who the targets will be.

B) Would you use one, or both?

C) Would you use neither of them? If so, why?

D) What are some intriguing massive contract targets in other organizations that we should try and obtain solely to buy out, if the deal includes the acquisition of a prime asset alongside them?

E) “Screw off, Matt. We’ve talked about this enough.”

F) E + “We literally spent all day talking about this under yesterday’s post. You’re just trying to get us to organize it for you.”

G) E + F + “Ugh, fine.”

I promise, if we get enough of “E” or “F”, I’ll actually not write it. Because that’s democracy, and I respect the process.

Morning Links!

Interesting points in Tuesday’s TSN Insider Trading about Letang’s future in Pittsburgh. I can’t, personally, imagine there not being one.

-Hossa will likely play tonight. That’s good news, for those of us who want to see the Bruins…oh, I don’t know. Fail?

-Ben Scrivens will march in Toronto’s Pride Parade on June 30, because no matter what you think of that weird way he holds his glove, he’s an awesome guy.

-Jonathan Bernier on the Maple Leafs makes no sen…ah, damn. Cam Charron @ TLN beat me to that headline, and even explained why in detail.

-Cam also chimes in with a post on why David Clarkson is probably not worth the money someone will pay him. So I’m not the only one seeing (albeit undeniably better) shades of Colby Armstrong here?

-The Kings extended Slava Voynov for six years and $25 million yesterday. Someone on Twitter suggested that sets a dangerous precedent for Cody Franson’s upcoming negotiations. I think Cody Franson’s play sets a dangerous precedent for Cody Franson’s upcoming negotiations.