Pre-Draft Open Thread


The buzz as we approach the 3 p.m. draft is that Carolina’s fifth overall pick is in play. Darren Dreger reports that the Maple Leafs have discussed a trade up scenario with Carolina but that it might cost the Leafs “Morgan Rielly as part of a package.” Presumably the Leafs‘ 21st pick would also be involved, amounting to a pretty handsome price. Rielly was their fifth overall pick last June, so it would have to be a player they’re really sold on if Nonis is giving up Rielly-plus for another fresh prospect. While it’s important to keep in mind the strength of the top 10 in this draft, that’s still a price that only makes sense for a MacKinnon, Jones or Drouin in my opinion. Dreger is reporting that such a package was discussed, but that no deal is close.

Carolina reportedly has numerous offers on the pick and it will likely come down to the wire as to whether or not its moved. Otherwise, all is quiet at the moment on the trade front.