Murica’s Next Top Model: Phil Kessel

Phil Kessel
Photo: YakovMironov

Earlier today we were gifted this most glamourous of shots. Wyatt Arndt has set the bar pretty high with his Kesselquin Romance series, but that’s no reason we can’t pile on. If you want to join the photochopping party, hack away at the picture above. Below is my “Phil Kessel is America” series, and a couple of bonus chops. If you’re feeling up to it throw yours in the comment section.

A slightly less ridiculous American Uniform

My Spirit Animal

Was there ever any doubt who the Greatest American Hero is?

Phil Kessel, Fuck Yeah!

And now a few leftovers

Breaking Bozak?

I’ve just always thought Phil Kessel resembles a Peanuts character

A commentary on the contract negotiation process?

Always badass.