Morning Mashup: Liles recalled


Good morning Leafs fans, another week is upon us and it sees the Blue & White heading west to take on Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.

Bozak has been placed on the Injured Reserve, which – regardless of what you think about the de-facto first line centre – is a blow to this Leafs team. I would expect Kadri to continue to fill in at his position for the time being, but I’m also hoping that a little more ice time combined with a higher quality set of linemates leads Kadri to get in a bit of a groove. Kadri is the team’s most-skilled centerman, and he needs to produce if this banged-up team is to continue to build on their strong start.

Elsewhere in the Atlantic division, the Buffalo Sabres traded Tomas Vanek to the Islanders in what is likely the first of many trades as the Sabres dismantle their team and aim low for a good draft pick this season.

Breaking News: The Leafs have just recalled John-Michael Liles from the Marlies – an extra defenseman for the Western road trip and a nice opportunity to get back among the team for Liles, who took the whole demotion thing pretty well. Likely means Kulemin will remain on LTIR for the time being.

Some links on this sunny Monday morning:

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  • Alec Brownscombe

    I’d consider putting in Liles over Ranger against Edmonton. Not expecting much of a physical challenge there.

  • Uncle Otis

    Thy are ripping into Ranger on TSN 1050 right now fyi

  • Optimustic

    No, we had a 2 – 0 lead.   The Bulldogs scored in the third, then D’Amigo hade an empty netter, then Hamilton scored with 18 seconds left. We won 3 – 2 but I didn’t feel the game was that close until late in the game.

  • B_Leaf

    Look guys, I hope Liles does well and returns to form from 2 years ago. However I think you guys really need to let up a little on the Ranger hate. First of all Ranger hasn’t been nearly as bad as some have made him out to be. Second of all he has added a legit physical factor to our back end…taking out the Malkins and Getzlafs of the NHL world. When the playoffs come its a different game and we will need all of what Phaneuf, Franson, Fraser, and Ranger bring in a physical way. So lets watch Ranger find his grove.

  • MaxwellHowe

    Alec Brownscombe and quickness may be more important than size and brute force

  • Burtonboy

    B_Leaf There is no Ranger hate not from me anyway . Bottom line is 2 points and if he’s not cutting the mustard then he should sit

  • GreekGod

    If it wasn’t for Reimer, Bernier, or his partner Gardiner… quite a few of his mistakes would of ended up in the back of the net. He’s terrible and needs to go back to the AHL.

  • Jmessih

    djamon wendelsfist They may like is physicality with Gards, with Liles and Gards is a physically weak pairing.

  • Jmessih

    B_Leaf Jmessih Believe they went up 3-0 or maybe 2-1 then 3-1 then 3-2.

  • djamon

    B_Leaf Substitute “Komisarek” for “Ranger” in that paragraph and it could be 2009 all over again.
    Bottom line…his decision making has been terrible. I have serious doubts this guy can ever get back to being a functional NHL defenseman.