Morning Mashup: Liles recalled


Good morning Leafs fans, another week is upon us and it sees the Blue & White heading west to take on Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.

Bozak has been placed on the Injured Reserve, which – regardless of what you think about the de-facto first line centre – is a blow to this Leafs team. I would expect Kadri to continue to fill in at his position for the time being, but I’m also hoping that a little more ice time combined with a higher quality set of linemates leads Kadri to get in a bit of a groove. Kadri is the team’s most-skilled centerman, and he needs to produce if this banged-up team is to continue to build on their strong start.

Elsewhere in the Atlantic division, the Buffalo Sabres traded Tomas Vanek to the Islanders in what is likely the first of many trades as the Sabres dismantle their team and aim low for a good draft pick this season.

Breaking News: The Leafs have just recalled John-Michael Liles from the Marlies – an extra defenseman for the Western road trip and a nice opportunity to get back among the team for Liles, who took the whole demotion thing pretty well. Likely means Kulemin will remain on LTIR for the time being.

Some links on this sunny Monday morning:

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TSN’s story on the Vanek trade


  • Optimustic

    Thanks, here’s the boxscore if you’re interested.

  • Mind Bomb

    CanuckUKinToronto Mind Bomb nice lets hope its true, Liles is a NHL D man, would be good for everyone

  • B_Leaf

    The_Irv B_Leaf 
    In no way am I suggesting Ranger over Fraser. Fraser is a lock in my mind. But I could actually Gunnar, Ranger, Rielly or Gards rotating in and out of the line-up depending on how they play.

  • .JVR.

    I’m thinking Kessel should have probably gotten 1st Star of the Week.
    5 goals compared to Stammer’s 3 goals.  Although, Stamkos did have 4 assists to Kessel’s 1.

  • Burtonboy

    .JVR. Burtonboy Bolts won all their games so that might be a factor as well

  • djamon

    The_Irv That 925k savings is basically the same for any defenseman sent down to the Marlies. There is no more savings sending down Liles as Ranger…or Brennan.

  • The_Irv

    B_Leaf The_Irv 
    Fair enough… I guess depending on speed/physicality type game you may want to use some more toughness depending on the team.

  • B_Leaf

    GreekGod Dan39 TheCanucksnaphook B_Leaf 
    C’mon, Ranger has been physical. You have to look at  the whole picture. He physically man handled getzlaf in the Anaheim game and led directly to the winning goal. He hit Malkin hard on Saturday. He has had some good offensive plays too. He has rang to laser beam shots hard off the post…if those go in he is probably being praised by everybody.

  • djamon

    Dan39 Not everyone thought he was awesome last year with the Marlies.

  • GreekGod

    B_Leaf The_Irv 

    What you mean by toughness? So far Reilly and Gardiner have done a better job pinning guys against the boards or pushing them to the outside and keeping them there. Gunnar is up against top lines every night. Ranger is getting sheltered minutes and is still struggling.