Morning Mashup: Liles recalled


Good morning Leafs fans, another week is upon us and it sees the Blue & White heading west to take on Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.

Bozak has been placed on the Injured Reserve, which – regardless of what you think about the de-facto first line centre – is a blow to this Leafs team. I would expect Kadri to continue to fill in at his position for the time being, but I’m also hoping that a little more ice time combined with a higher quality set of linemates leads Kadri to get in a bit of a groove. Kadri is the team’s most-skilled centerman, and he needs to produce if this banged-up team is to continue to build on their strong start.

Elsewhere in the Atlantic division, the Buffalo Sabres traded Tomas Vanek to the Islanders in what is likely the first of many trades as the Sabres dismantle their team and aim low for a good draft pick this season.

Breaking News: The Leafs have just recalled John-Michael Liles from the Marlies – an extra defenseman for the Western road trip and a nice opportunity to get back among the team for Liles, who took the whole demotion thing pretty well. Likely means Kulemin will remain on LTIR for the time being.

Some links on this sunny Monday morning:

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  • Dan39

    GreekGod Dan39 TheCanucksnaphook B_Leaf It’ll be interesting to see what they do. I think Fraser has to come right back in when he’s ready. Even though Ranger plays physical, we need more physicality and Fraser’s solid, low-risk play. I think Ranger does get a longer look though. He was out for 4 years… It’s not unreasonable to expect it could take him 20 games or so. You’re saying give up on him. To me, there’s too much potential there to give up on so soon. Especially when he is improving. If he stalled, it would be different.

  • vinoa

    Dan39 GreekGod TheCanucksnaphook B_Leaf Honestly, he should just pack it in. I’m all for giving the guy a chance to play where he wants to, but I don’t think he deserves this crap. We wonder why free agents and GTA players don’t want to come here. Why would anyone? It took the media so long to realize what we have in Kessel. So far this season, Ranger’s stats are better than Girardi, Ferrence, M. Staal (pretty much the entire Ranger’s D), but those are all guys that would somehow stabilize our D over Paul Ranger.

  • B_Leaf

    TheCanucksnaphook B_Leaf 
    I have seen some issues but not the same as you. Our whole team has played like crap way too many nights. Gunnarson has had some horrid games. Our forwards have been deplorable in their own end some nights.

  • ShotgunCharlie

    DeclanK Phil doesnt seem as introverted as everyone has been saying

  • Dan39

    djamon Dan39 Yeah, Pent_House said he was shit. I don’t know how many games Pent House saw but not as many as me. I’m not a stats guy, but if you look at his stats and ice time you realize it all adds up to him being the best defenseman on the team most nights.

  • DeclanK

    Stamkos, Kessel and Kesler named ‘Three Stars|NHL|home

  • B_Leaf

    GreekGod B_Leaf The_Irv 
    Well you are entitled to your opinion. I didn’t mean to be critical of anyone else. Rielly in particular has shown a lot of physical strength. Gards is doing a much better job physically last few games.

  • vinoa

    djamon vinoa We got Komi when he was coming off of an All-Star year. He had solid numbers with Markov right before we got him. Ranger on the other hand left the game for his own reasons and was brought back in by Leafs’ management. I think it’s safe to say that a guy who’s coming off of a hiatus shouldn’t be compared to a guy who finished an All-Star worthy season just months before we signed him.

  • The_Irv

    djamon The_Irv 
    Correct, however I believe there was a hope that a team would want to claim Liles saving the Leafs more cap space overall than a contract like Brennan’s or Ranger’s. (There were many teams looking for defenceman). 
    The Leafs were probably hopefully Liles would be claimed when they sent him down because A) they wanted to save cap space if he was, and B) They believe he should be playing in the NHL
    And I believe Ranger could be claimed on waivers so he wouldn’t be sent down because t hey wanted to see if he could regain his form from his days in Tampa. 
    I hear what you’re saying but for these reasons I’m fairly confident his contract had something to do with him being sent down. 
    If Ranger were claimed the Leafs lose his potential to regain form, and gain very little cap room. With Liles the Leafs know what they may be losing but think its fair to him, and will hopefully gain them cap space.

  • GreekGod

    B_Leaf GreekGod Dan39 TheCanucksnaphook 
    I have looked at the whole picture and it’s clear that he is a step behind everyone out there from time to time. So he’s hit the post once and hit Malkin… Great, kadri hit malkin 4 times last game. At the end of the day, all our other defence men have out played him and once Fraser is back Ranger will be sitting until another injury occurs… Which I hope it doesn’t :)