Thursday Mashup: Road Warriors

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

It used to be one would say the Leafs are becoming accustomed to skating on tilted ice as the start of a joke at their expense. But a month into the season, it’s beginning to appear as though the joke is on the jester. Despite being outshot for the 11th straight game – and 12th out of 14 – the team improved to 10-4-0 (and 5-2-0 on the road), claiming sole possession of first place in the East and tied for 2nd overall in the league.  Once again, timely shooting and stellar goaltending were the recipe for success.

The question, as we all know, which has been and will continue to be asked, is how long until the seeming imbalance in their play catches up to this group, with an eye toward the schedule becoming much tighter post-Olympics. Certainly, it goes without saying that any points they can continue to bank now will contribute to a more comfortable cushion should things begin to even out – which the numerical evidence suggests is likely – come the season’s second half.

The Leafs will look to continue their road success Saturday in Vancouver before enjoying a 6-day break (yes, you read that right) which, for banged-up players such as Lupul, Kulemin, Fraser and Bozak, couldn’t arrive at a better time.

Onto the links:

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Game recap from the Globe.

John-Michael Liles still has hope for an NHL job
A few quotes from the classy veteran about adversity and the importance of setting an example.

NHL players show off a wide range of Halloween costumes
I nominate “Danger Zone” for the Wild’s new goal song.

Pascal Dupuis casually pulls out two teeth at the bench after a high stick
Continuing with the Halloween theme (well, sort of) …

Semyon Varlamov arrested on domestic violence charges
Further details out of Denver on last night’s late-breaking news.

Maple Leafs fan vows to marry girlfriend after Cup win
Cue the 50-year engagement jokes. When you think about it, this could be the basis of a great sitcom, complete with Kerry Fraser as a bumbling wedding planner.


  • Alec Brownscombe

    Dan39 Pent_House What the hell, dude? Don’t post stuff like that here. You have no clue as to the details of the case yet. The woman seems to have been beat up. It doesn’t matter how crazy she is, if he beat her up, he’s total scum.

  • Pent_House

    rustynail I wish we could sign him. Take him over Mason any day.

  • dlb eh

    Marlies Man
    you guys are questioning whether or not women are nuts, and limiting it to Russian women.  that’s the part that’s nuts.

  • theacs1966

    Marlies Man theacs1966 Dan39 Pent_House No, he’s saying Russian women are nuts and the ones from other countries are not.

  • Alec Brownscombe

    Burke defends fighting – pretty interesting subtle references of things that have happened with his team.
    “You haven’t had a star player slam the door and demand a tougher team because he’s getting killed out there by opponents who are playing free of fear.”

  • theacs1966

    Alec Brownscombe Dan39 Pent_House And not for the first time according to the news.   We don’t know I doubt his Dad and agent know either.  I don’t understand the kidnapping charge but if he beat her that’s bad enough.

  • Alec Brownscombe

    theacs1966 Alec Brownscombe Dan39 Pent_House Yeah, we don’t know the details

  • Mcost61

    Here in Vancouver they are talking about Mason Raymond’s return to Vancouver, I hope he put’s on a good show

  • Jmessih

    Alec Brownscombe Kessel?

  • Alec Brownscombe

    Jmessih Alec Brownscombe We’ll never know, Burke’s been around the league for a long time