Game in Ugh: Game #24, Blue Jackets 6 at Leafs 0

Photo: Abelimages/Getty Images

1. Countless odd man opportunities against.
2. Dreadful defense.
3. Bad breakouts vs. the trap.
4. Turnovers at the blueline.
5. Soft on the puck.
6. Too fancy offensively. Trying to pass it in the net.
7. Barely shooting (18 shots while chasing the lead the whole game).
8. Lupul hurt.
9. Outworked by lowly ‘Lumbus for the 2nd time.
10. Poor Reimer.

No sense in picking out individuals from the pile. This was the Leafs‘ first real “blowout” of the season. How will they respond?

Even Strength
5 %
Special Teams
5 %
30 %
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  • MLHS_Luke


  • djamon

    No way…china doll was hurt again? Shocking.

  • MLHS_Luke

    djamon ..but don’t call him injury prone!

  • djamon

    MLHS_Luke When you’re prone to injury I think you can be called injury prone. It’s time to call him what he is…fragile.
    Frankly, I thought he’d been hurt 6 games ago. He’s been invisible.

  • MLHS_Luke

    djamon MLHS_Luke 
    100% agree (was being sarcastic).  Anyway, the Leafs have wasted enough of my time tonight..

  • Zep2

    Unprepared -Coaches fault
    No work ethic – players fault

  • Beleafer29

    Carlyle smiles fucking once in the post game presser, I am going to jump off my roof!!!

  • GreekGod

    These are grown men playing the game they love. I blame the players 100% for this. They need to get there heads out of there asses. It’s embarrassing. Refs should also be embarrassed for calling a penalty on Phaneuf for that hit. Clean as a whistle.

  • Zep2

    One thing that bothers me is that we are slipping back into the coaches favourite kind of team Wilson had
    Rielly sits out for Ranger / Fraser
    Ranger sits out for Fraser
    Someone sits out for McClaren
    Leiwickes son in law makes the roster . WTF

  • Xxxxxnew

    Leafs only allowed 22 shots against this game. Greatly improved on that front.