Steve Spott Updates Toronto Marlies’ Half-Season


Steve Spott – 01/21/2014
Todd Crocker sits down with Steve Spott to discuss the Toronto Marlies season thus far.

  • Dangle_My_Berries

    hes cut down at that whole looking at the camera thing…..i like him

  • 17Forever

    Great interview. Thanks for the post. Seeing him pumped about the players we have in our system and his desire to compete is exciting. perfect pick up for our future Leafs … Game On !!

  • HeatherRickAkin

    That absolutely was a dynamite interview, and both the interviewer and the interviewee (?)  did a great job. It is heartening to hear Steve Spott offer a rather detailed description of Leivo , those three defencemen , and suggest that the Leafs have several high end prospects on the Marlies . As fans, we hope there is help on the farm , and I would say that the youngsters are being guided by a coach who is a teacher and a guy who is clear on what it takes to develop kids . Very impressive . My money on the next Marlie to make the Leafs full time is Granburg , but I loved what I saw of Leivo and MacWilliams early in the fall . You need to bring guys along within the system and have them become Leafs , if for no other reason than to make things work under the salary cap .