Shark Club Game Day: Game #62, Maple Leafs at Canadiens

Hockey. Night. In Canada, folks. With. Bob. Cole. On the CEEE BEEEE CEEEE.



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  • MLHS_Luke


  • ingy56
    No trevor smith in the line rushes. Looks like frazer mclaren is playing.

  • Loric76
    Some close to the Sabres says there was no power struggle, Lafontaine wanted to get back to New York and the working for NHL. Hmmmmm.

  • Loric76

    ingy56  boooo

  • wendelsway1

    ingy56  If he has to play, let’s hope he beats the hell out of a Hab or three

  • Loric76

  • 17Forever

    Loric76 ingy56  welllll …… No tuff guy against Isles and they kinda beat the shit out of us. Gleason sure got his bell wrong

  • Loric76
    Remember this from last time these teams met?

  • 17Forever

    Loric76  oh ya … and I thought i couldnt love the Schenn trade more !!

  • Loric76

    17Forever Loric76 ingy56  Yup.  I almost wonder if RC did that on purpose to test and verify that a goon is still needed.  The first game after a long break like that is always a toss up anyway so it was a good game to try out a theory