Shark Club Game Day: Game #65, Flyers at Maple Leafs


Frazer McLaren has been called up for tonight’s game basically because of this from a few days ago:

Here’s where it kind of makes sense: The Leafs aren’t going to have a functional fourth line whether Frazer McLaren is up or not, so they may as well have him around to go out and maybe fight if something happens during the game and there’s the sense that a score needs to be settled. With the importance of the two points for two teams trying to fend off those behind them and clinch a playoff berth in the East, it seems unlikely the two teams will be anything but business, but there is no shortage of chippy-ness on that Flyer roster and there is (obviously) the risk of it boiling over.

Here’s where it doesn’t: You can only make four recalls after the deadline passes and McLaren is now the first.

This game could be a lot of fun to watch, featuring two offensively-inclined teams lacking defensive stability, both hot in their last 10 games. The Leafs should have the edge in net, where the Flyers are slightly improved by their standards but still sit 24th in save percentage. Could we see something close to the 10-goal game between the Caps and Flyers? Hopefully Jonathan Bernier can prevent that from happening. Claude Giroux enters with six points in his last two games and will need a healthy dose of Dion, who has had good nights against some of the league’s most dangerous offensive threats this season, including a few notable Saturday shut down efforts on Crosby and Ovechkin.

David Clarkson is questionable tonight with a leg strain injury. If he can’t go, one imagines Carlyle moves Bodie up onto the Holland and Raymond line while McClement and McLaren become the 11th and 12th forwards. It really should be Ashton getting a chance next to Holland, though. We’ll know come game time.

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  • mikeshave


  • 17Forever

    So true. And Ashton can hold his own.
    His nose can’t !! but he’s to blonde anyway.
    Hope he gets in.

  • Burtonboy

    STFU Healy

  • Waiting4LSC

    Alec:  You Da Man. You come through no matter what.

  • AsburyJukes75

    Burtonboy  Challenge to the board: break the record for likes on this post. 
    Healy deserves nothing but the best. And it’s best he shuts the fuck up and kindly goes fuck himself.

  • Cameron19

    Anderson really holding his team in it this afternoon. Pavelec really let his team down.  Damn.

  • 17Forever

    Cameron19  Ya watched it too. Chippy game. To bad there goalie wasn’t on. a couple of softies.

  • BPsotka

    One complaint I’ve noticed with Phaneuf: he’s been really weak on 2-on-1’s these last few games. He seems to miss the pass, which we all know is his only job (especially with Bernier in net, letting the shooter get half a breakaway is just fine).

  • 4evrblue

    Cameron19 Pavelec has to be the worst regular starter over the past 5 years statistically

  • mikeshave

    4evrblue Cameron19  what about dubnyk?