Poll: Now What?


    There will be nothing but time now to discuss the direction forward for this organization in wake of yet another late-season catastrophe. Frankly, it’s going to take a few days for us here at MLHS to build up the energy.

    Here’s your discussion question.

    The season is over after an 8+ game losing streak. Now what? (select multiple)

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    • maple1967leafs

      BREAKER<<<BREAKER<<<Pigpen this is rubber duck we forgot to put the hammer down,We”ll try next year to get this load of loafers to the playoffs

    • JR from Halifax

      I don’t want to panic too much until we see what a bottom 6 will look like with Ashton, Damigo, Broll, Biggs, and Devane do to this team. Not saying its going to be all 5 of those in the bottom 6 but a few should be ready to graduate and they can play the heavy game we are missing.

      I am willing to part with a nice piece not named Reilly to get another top pairing D man.

      And fire Carlyle just because I am so pissed and his constant decision to play Dion too many minutes and poor decisions are too much to handle.

    • BingoDabber

      Sorry to everyone on this site. We all deserve far better than this.
      I’ll probably change my mind with enough time to digest. Right now I want a full-scale rebuild. The anger is still so fresh.

    • JR from Halifax

      I feel like I am sitting here at a wake or something

    • maple1967leafs

      JR from Halifax  I guess it is in a way

    • traNsplantEdneWfie

      I think it’s the fact that the Habs are playing so well that makes it worse.

    • JR from Halifax

      traNsplantEdneWfie  Nah, it’s not that for me. The I don’t think they can win a cup any more than we can right now. They’re on a hot streak, we have them too……neither team built to win in today’s NHL

    • Great Dane

      To be honest I wasn’t upset yesterday, this was bound to happen with the many management mistake this year. 
      For crying out loud: We take 36 SA per game that is equal to 2952 shots against over 82 games.  Taking only 28 shots ourself that makes a net outshot of 656 shot more against over a season. 
      Now moving forward that first and most important part is that management have the same vision about this team and clearly assess the capability and capacity of of each player.
      Carlyle needs to go today – a good Sunday project because he do not share the same vision as Leiwek, Nonis and Loiselle.
      Signing Clarkson, trading for Bolland, buying out Grabo not resigning MacC moves all done to please Carlyle. Those mistakes most be rectified now.
      Kessel, JVR, Bernier, Gardiner and Reilly
      Nice to keep:
      Phaneuf (but you need another Top d-man because he can’t log more than 22 minutes per game)
      Gunnar  (good price and would be a lot better on 2nd or 3rd pairing)
      Should be move:
      Lupul, Clarkson (if possible), Gleason, Franson, Reimer (poor guy, he didn’t deserve the Carlyle bashing)
      Could be moved for the right return:
      Bozak and Kadri
      Should be signed:
      Komorov and Hartikainen – to bring in some Finnishe sisu that would help the rest of the team
      Signed at the right price:
      Kulemin  < 2.5 and Bolland < 3.5


      Now Leiweke and Nonis need to put of the pressure with the NHL – we f…… pay for most of the league and trade for a #1 center and a top defenseman.
      Find a coach that will roll four line and then let the Marlies fight it out on who gets a roster spot.

    • Great Dane

      JR from Halifax traNsplantEdneWfie Habs don’t get as bad coaching at the Leafs.

    • JR from Halifax

      Great Dane JR from Halifax traNsplantEdneWfie  Not even close