Toronto Marlies vs Texas Stars: Game 7

Photo: Christian Bonin/

A great run comes to an end.

Game Highlights: Texas Stars 6 vs. Toronto Marlies 2

Steve Spott Post Game Press Conference

The Toronto Marlies get set to take on the Texas Stars at 8:30 p.m.

For a team with anywhere from 12-15 entry level contracts making up the team roster, many had the young Toronto Marlies‘ season labeled as one that would be a learning year and one without much hope for playoff success. Here are the Marlies looking down a Game 7 in the Western Conference finals and in with a shot to go to the Calder Cup Finals—their 2nd in the past 3 seasons.

Despite being wildly outshot in a number of games, the Marlies have hung in there with excellent goaltending and timely goalscoring—and scoring 1st in 13 of their 13 playoff games. Drew MacIntyre has been the difference maker for the Marlies and veteran players such as: Spencer Abbot, Peter Holland, Carter Ashton, Jerry D’Amigo and an emerging Sam Carrick have all taken offensive roles when the team has needed it most throughout the Calder Cup Finals.

Special teams were huge for the Marlies in the 2nd period last night in particular and continue to compensate for the Stars’ edge in play at even strength: The Marlies killed off four power plays in the 2nd and scored on their lone PP of the period, and are currently killing penalties at a 90+% rate in these playoffs along with a 25.4% powerplay success rate.

The Toronto Marlies have allowed just 4 goals against in their last 3 games.

All the chips are down and it’s Game 7. Nothing like it.

No reported lineup changes, we’ll toss into the comments as they become available.

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