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Tyler Bozak is back to his old self. Mostly.

In the summer, I wrote about Bozak's statistically-improved 2013-14 season. In that post, I observed that Bozak had significantly improved his 5v5 offensive production last season, and in particular his assist rates, while noting that his power...

Maple Leaf Hangout Season 2 Episode 1 with Rob Vollman

Hockey Abstract's Rob Vollman (@robvollmanNHL) joins Michael Langlois and Anthony Petrielli to discuss the start of the new season. Listen on Soundcloud Click here to listen to on iTunes (subscribe if you like, too) To purchase the...
Toronto Maple Leafs v Boston Bruins - Game Two

A WOWY Analysis Guide

My first post here at MLHS was an Introduction to Advanced Hockey Statistics, which I recommend you go read if you have not done so yet. In it I introduced the concept of WOWY statistics...

Intro to Advanced Hockey Statistics / Hockey Analytics

Individual vs On Ice vs Team Statistics Possession Statistics: Corsi & Fenwick Shot Quality, the Percentages (Save and Shooting) and PDO Sample Size Corsi/Fenwick vs Goals Game State and Score Effects Usage – Zone Starts, QoC and QoT WOWY IPP, IGP and...

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