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12 Burning Questions: Will The Maple Leafs Finally Return To The Playoffs?

In the final part of his 12 Burning Questions series, Derek Harmsworth takes a look at the Maple Leafs chances of getting back to postseason hockey this year. May 4th, 2004. Both teams, tired and weary...

Mythbusters: Do the Leafs Have Enough Offense to Compete?

One of the key questions surrounding the upcoming 2010-11 Maple Leafs season is whether they will be able to score enough to compete for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. An optimist will point...

Dion’s Day

Instead of weighing the pros and cons, balancing the collective good choices of Burke and Wilson against the bad, MLHS is going to bring you into the event. Thousands of writers have provided their opinion but little time has been spent enabling the reader to form their own.

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