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Brian Burke: Homophobia and Hockey [video]

Part 2 of Brian Burke's interview with TVO. It's a collective message from prominent NHL players: "If you can play, you can play." Homophobia has no place in Canada's game. The You Can Play project was...

Remembering Brendan Burke

Courage. It is a word we use often, typically to describe fearlessness, strength or bravery in the face of danger. Most frequently we use it in a sporting context, detailing the courage it took for...


Not only is it a life lost, so too are the future accomplishments. RIP Brendan Burke

In Memory of Brendan Burke

Brian Burke's youngest son, Brendan Burke, has passed away due to injuries suffered from a car crash in Indiana earlier today. From everyone here at MLHS, our thoughts and prayers are with Burke's family....

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