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Game Review: Preseason Game #4, Senators 4 vs. Maple Leafs 3 (SO)

A Leafs team that was short on energy after playing back to back and a veteran group short on effort gave the fans little to cheer about consistently. A fairly boring game—even by preseason...

Maple Leafs invite Henrik Tallinder and Brendan Mikkelson to training camp

Stiff competition is going to be the theme of this Maple Leafs training camp, more so than your typical September anyway. Up front, beyond the five firm top six forwards the Leafs have on the...

Quack, Quack, Quack Mr. Calder

The Ducks play spoiler to the blue and white... kind of. As the Marlies head down the stretch and zero in on the number four spot in the North West, Anaheim pulls a key contributor up to the big club. As if it's not already hard enough watching talent on the baby buds knowing they'll never develop into a Leaf.

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