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Attempting to quantify Mike Babcock’s on-ice impact

There are potentially a number of impacts that the Mike Babcock signing could have on the Toronto Maple Leafs, including off-ice impacts such as free agent recruitment. We already heard yesterday that Cody Franson believes...

Kyle Dubas on Corsi & Corsi Rel – Toronto Maple Leafs

Kyle Dubas on Corsi & Corsi Rel - Toronto Maple Leafs

Intro to Advanced Hockey Statistics / Hockey Analytics

Individual vs On Ice vs Team Statistics Possession Statistics: Corsi & Fenwick Shot Quality, the Percentages (Save and Shooting) and PDO Sample Size Corsi/Fenwick vs Goals Game State and Score Effects Usage – Zone Starts, QoC and QoT WOWY IPP, IGP and...

Game Preview: Grabo the Corsi Monster returns to face [expletive] idiot coach

We're just past the quarter pole of the season and the Capitals and Maple Leafs find themselves in a similar boat. Both have winning records, are routinely outshot, receive good goaltending, and shoot at...
Brett Lebda

What to Expect in 2010-11: Brett Lebda

Brett Lebda has barely registered on the radar for Leafs fans and with good reason. This offseason is yet again centered solely on Tomas Kaberle, while Lebda toils away on the bottom pairing...

What to Expect in 2010-11: Colby Armstrong

Colby Armstrong’s shiny new 3-year, $9,000,000 contract with the Maple Leafs has been the focus of much debate over the past month. Leaving the contract argument aside, it would be prudent to take a...

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