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Dion Phaneuf

Will NHL Teams Start Using NBA Cap Relief Ideas?

More than ever before, NHL management involves getting out of bad contracts. Always better to move a contract a year early, than a year late. When the full season lockout lifted, free agency was an event...

Game Review: Game #14, Maple Leafs 5 vs. Rangers 4

It was an entertaining Saturday night win by the Maple Leafs and, as the scoreline would suggest, not a banner night defensively for either team. The game was both evenly played and pretty much wide...
2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five

10 Playoff Lessons for the Toronto Maple Leafs

Congratulations to the L.A. Kings on winning the Stanley Cup. What a great season 2013-2014 was, one of the best playoffs I’ve ever seen, and all that other fun stuff people say at this...

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