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Frontload Threat: Smokescreen for Definition

Is the leagues threat of retroactive contract withdrawal a smokecreen to create definition over the Kovalchuk ruling?

League Chasing Front-Loaders

Now that the NHL has won the arbitration award based on "salary cap circumvention" with the Kovalchuk situation, they are ready to tackle the rest of the league. A year (and perhaps in a...

NHL Wins, Kovalchuk a Free Agent

The NHLPA filed a grievance against the NHL for rejecting Ilya Kovalchuk and the New Jersey Devils' mammoth 17 year contract. After an arbitration hearing for both sides, today the ruling was in favor...

The NHLPA Prepare for Battle

Leagues decision to battle Kovalchuk contract gives the NHLPA incentive entering the next round of CBA negotiations.

A Quick Note On The Kovalchuk Contract Rejection

In their report, TSN mentions section 26.3 of the CBA which alludes to the NHL’s right to reject a deal upon suspicion of circumvention. There's just one problem: Kovalchuk's contract didn’t outwardly violate...

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