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An example of how the NHL could restructure its currently farcical points allocations.

Kats Krunch: Regular Season Numbers

We will do an extended Torontosaurus Rex after preparing for the playoffs is over, later on in the week. But since the regular season is over, it's time for some numbers. It's also interesting...

Just Win, Baby: How to Beat Three-Point Games

The most common complaint I hear from fans, media and even some hockey people revolves around the point system and the three point game. Having done extensive point system analysis, alerted of a record shootout...

NHL on Record Shootout Pace

Did the neutral zone trap morph into the shootout? The pre-lockout reason for altering the rules, transfigured into the shootout as teams play for the shootout more this season. If trends are any indication,...

Podcast: StickWork5 & Fadoo

This latest edition of Stick Work with Fab&Kats, features the co-hosts, expanding on the winning means nothing blog in an expanded forum. Fab and I pick our Torontosaurus Rex. Fab goes the conventional route, while...

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