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Three Captains

The Ties That Bind

During an appearance on London radio's “The Hook” with Norman James last Friday, our conversation at one point...

And You Want To Trade This Guy?

He glided down the ice, not showing any sort of intimidation despite the fact he was a little out of his element.  Like a veteran, he flew down the wing and fired a shot...

This Season Winning Means Nothing

By Gus Katsaros The Leafs aren’t as bad as a four win first quarter. They were a playoff bubble team prior to the season, and the postseason wasn’t necessarily the goal, as was becoming competitive...

MLSE may not block bid for a second Toronto franchise

NHLPA executive director Paul Kelly was on HockeyCentral At Noon today, and among other topics he briefly discussed the possibility of a second NHL team coming to Toronto. When asked why Toronto has not been...

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