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Tag: Ryan Murphy

GDT: Game #47, Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Carolina Hurricanes (7:30pm, TSN4)

The Maple Leafs return home to host the Hurricanes after a miserable trip down South. "I think everybody knows that is a dangerous lineup and those are dangerous players and at any point they can...

Leafs Notebook – November 3

A 3-0 week quieted the “blow it up” talk in Toronto, but it will inevitably rear its ugly head again. Rebuilding the team entirely would be the wrong call though. Shedding some big contracts, however, may not be. If...

Toronto Maple Leafs Draft Notebook

There’s nothing like draft weekend to prime the hockey world for free agency. It was an up and down weekend for the Toronto Maple Leafs, but hopefully it is a draft class we can look...

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