Sheldon Keefe, Toronto Maple Leafs post game
Sheldon Keefe, Toronto Maple Leafs post game

Sheldon Keefe addressed the media after the Maple Leafs’ 5-2 loss to the New York Rangers which dropped the team’s record to 16-7-6.

On the team’s performance: 

I thought we were a little slow and cautious in the first period. I thought we adjusted fine to the game, though, in the second and third.

When three goals are going off of us and in the net while bouncing around and you don’t get any power plays in the game, you are probably not winning the game. These things happen over the course of 82.

I had no issues with our game.

On whether the team did enough to earn power-play opportunities:

I thought we could’ve maybe attacked inside a little more. I thought we had more offensive-zone time than they did. I thought we attacked off the rush, especially in that second period.

I thought we did more than enough. They defended well and had disciplined sticks. There was nothing there for us.

On the bizarre number of bounces that went against the Leafs around their own net:

When one happens, you’re thinking, “All alright.” When the second happens… The game works in weird ways. That is why you play 82 of these things.

I thought we did a good job in the game. It is two teams where the two teams respect each other. Both teams played a little cautious.

I thought we really started to come alive in the second period. I thought we had more than enough chances to score more than we did. Auston is the only one who could beat world-class goaltending tonight, but we had more than enough opportunity to score more than two.

The score looks a little strange, but it could’ve been the same score the other way pretty easily.

On Auston Matthews not missing a beat coming off of his illness:

He didn’t miss a beat. That is what you want to see.

It wasn’t an ideal night off for him. He wasn’t feeling great. But sometimes, when you take a night… The schedule has been busy for us. It starts to drain you a little bit. It seems like he is maintaining his level. Perhaps missing a game helped him in that regard.

He is obviously confident. He is getting the puck in and around the slot. He has lots of confidence, and he is finding holes.

On the breakdown leading to the 3-2 Rangers goal:

We missed an assignment on the faceoff early. If we pressure the puck like we were supposed to, it doesn’t allow them to jump by us. You are not supposed to follow the puck. You are supposed to hold your lane. It is five one-on-ones in that situation. We got beat, which allowed their guy to come with speed.

John was above the center like he was supposed to be. He is flat-footed now and has to defend a guy coming with speed.

Again, it is just the way the night is. It looks to me like the guy is trying to go under the bar with that shot. It goes five hole. It is the way it goes.

On whether Morgan Rielly is getting enough credit for his play this season:

I think you have probably asked me that question 10 times now. I would say he is getting lots of credit, yes.

On Tavares’ 1,000-point ceremony:

I thought it was a terrific night. I thought they did a tremendous job with the ceremony and the video. All of the acknowledgements were terrifically done. It is very well deserved. It is a special moment for him and his family in his hometown.