Toronto Maple Leafs Schedule

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Last updated: 2024-07-05 14:09:32

The Maple Leafs‘ preseason schedule was released on June 24, 2024. It comprises six games (down from the usual eight in past years), including home and away dates against Detroit, Montreal, and Ottawa.

Toronto Maple Leafs 2024-25 Preseason Schedule

Broadcast details will be available later in the summer.
DateOpponentTime (EST)TV Networks
Sep. 22vs. Ottawa7 p.m. TBA
Sep. 24@ Ottawa7 p.m.TBA
Sep. 26vs. Montreal7 p.m.TBA
Sep. 28@ Montreal7 p.m.TBA
Oct. 3@ Detroit7 p.m.TBA
Oct. 5vs. Detroit7 p.m.TBA

The Maple Leafs‘ regular-season schedule was released on July 2, 2024. Find all of this year’s regular season TV broadcast info below. Click on the score underneath “Result” to read an in-depth analysis of each Maple Leafs game.

Toronto Maple Leafs 2024-25 Regular Season Schedule

DateOpponentTime (EST)TV Networks
Oct. 9@ Montreal7:00 pmSportsnet
Oct. 10@ New Jersey7:00 pm
Oct. 12vs. Pittsburgh7:00 pmSportsnet
Oct. 16vs. Los Angeles7:30 pmSportsnet
Oct. 19vs. NY Rangers7:00 pmSportsnet
Oct. 21vs. Tampa Bay7:30 pm
Oct. 22@ Columbus7:30 pm
Oct. 24vs. St. Louis7:00 pm
Oct. 26@ Boston7:00 pmSportsnet
Oct. 28@ Winnipeg7:30 pm
Oct. 31vs. Seattle7:00 pm


Nov. 2@ St. Louis7:00 pmSportsnet
Nov. 3@ Minnesota6:00 pm
Nov. 5vs. Boston7:00 pm
Nov. 8vs. Detroit7:00 pm
Nov. 9vs. Montreal7:00 pmSportsnet
Nov. 12vs. Ottawa7:00 pm
Nov. 13@ Washington7:30 pmSportsnet
Nov. 16vs. Edmonton7:00 pmSportsnet
Nov. 20vs. Vegas7:30 pmSportsnet
Nov. 24vs. Utah7:00 pm
Nov. 27@ Florida7:30 pmSportsnet
Nov. 30@ Tampa Bay7:00 pmSportsnet


Dec. 2vs. Chicago7:30 pm
Dec. 4vs. Nashville7:30 pmSportsnet
Dec. 6vs. Washington7:00 pm
Dec. 7@ Pittsburgh7:00 pmSportsnet
Dec. 10@ New Jersey7:00 pm
Dec. 12vs. Anaheim7:00 pm
Dec. 14@ Detroit7:00 pmSportsnet
Dec. 15vs. Buffalo5:00 pm
Dec. 18@ Dallas7:30 pmSportsnet
Dec. 20@ Buffalo7:00 pm
Dec. 21vs. NY Islanders7:00 pmSportsnet
Dec. 23vs. Winnipeg2:00 pm
Dec. 27@ Detroit7:00 pm
Dec. 28vs. Washington7:00 pmSportsnet
Dec. 31vs. NY Islanders1:00 pm


Jan. 2@ NY Islanders7:30 pm
Jan. 4vs. Boston7:30 pmSportsnet
Jan. 5vs. Philadelphia7:00 pm
Jan. 7@ Philadelphia7:00 pm
Jan. 9@ Carolina7:00 pm
Jan. 11vs. Vancouver7:00 pmSportsnet
Jan. 14vs. Dallas7:00 pm
Jan. 16vs. New Jersey7:00 pm
Jan. 18@ Montreal7:00 pmSportsnet
Jan. 20vs. Tampa Bay7:30 pm
Jan. 22vs. Columbus7:30 pmSportsnet
Jan. 25@ Ottawa7:00 pmSportsnet
Jan. 29vs. Minnesota7:00 pmSportsnet


Feb. 1@ Edmonton7:00 pmSportsnet
Feb. 4@ Calgary9:00 pm
Feb. 6@ Seattle10:00 pm
Feb. 8@ Vancouver7:00 pmSportsnet
Feb. 22vs. Carolina7:00 pmSportsnet
Feb. 23@ Chicago7:00 pm
Feb. 25@ Boston7:00 pm
Feb. 28@ NY Rangers7:00 pm


Mar. 2@ Pittsburgh1:00 pm
Mar. 3vs. San Jose7:30 pm
Mar. 5@ Vegas10:00 pm
Mar. 8@ Colorado7:00 pmSportsnet
Mar. 10@ Utah10:00 pm
Mar. 13vs. Florida7:00 pm
Mar. 15vs. Ottawa7:00 pmSportsnet
Mar. 17vs. Calgary7:30 pm
Mar. 19vs. Colorado7:00 pmSportsnet
Mar. 20@ NY Rangers7:00 pm
Mar. 22@ Nashville7:00 pmSportsnet
Mar. 25vs. Philadelphia7:00 pm
Mar. 27@ San Jose10:30 pm
Mar. 29@ Los Angeles7:00 pmSportsnet
Mar. 30@ Anaheim8:00 pm


Apr. 2vs. Florida7:30 pmSportsnet
Apr. 5vs. Columbus7:00 pmSportsnet
Apr. 8@ Florida7:00 pm
Apr. 9@ Tampa Bay7:00 pmSportsnet
Apr. 12vs. Montreal7:00 pmSportsnet
Apr. 13@ Carolina5:00 pm
Apr. 15@ Buffalo7:00 pm
Apr. 17vs. Detroit7:00 pm