Toronto Maple Leafs Schedule

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Toronto Maple Leafs 2021 schedule – last updated: 2021-05-15 05:24:08

Find the Toronto Maple Leafs‘ 2021 regular season schedule below, including TV information in the far right column.

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal Canadiens -- Round 1 Playoff TV Schedule

Toronto loses the best-of-seven series 4-3

 DateHomeAwayVenueTime (EST)TV Network/Result
Game 1May 20TorontoMontrealScotiabank Arena7:30 p.m.2-1 Loss
Game 2May 22TorontoMontrealScotiabank Arena7:00 p.m. 5-1 Win
Game 3May 24MontrealTorontoBell Centre7:00 p.m. 2-1 Win
Game 4May 25MontrealTorontoBell Centre7:30 p.m4-0 Win
Game 5*May 27TorontoMontrealScotiabank Arena7:00 p.m.4-3 Loss (OT)
Game 6*May 29MontrealTorontoBell Centre7:30 p.m.3-2 Loss (OT)
Game 7*May 31TorontoMontrealScotiabank Arena7:00 p.m.3-1 Loss

Toronto Maple Leafs 2021 Schedule



Jan. 13MontrealToronto7:00 p.m.5-4 Win (OT)
Jan. 15TorontoOttawa7:00 p.m.5-3 Loss
Jan. 16TorontoOttawa7:00 p.m.3-2 Win
Jan. 18WinnipegToronto7:00 p.m.3-1 Win
Jan. 20EdmontonToronto7:00 p.m.3-1 Loss
Jan. 22EdmontonToronto7:00 p.m.4-2 Win
Jan. 24TorontoCalgary4:00 p.m.3-2 Win
Jan. 26TorontoCalgary9:00 p.m.4-3 Win
Jan. 28TorontoEdmonton10:00 p.m.4-3 Win
Jan. 30TorontoEdmonton7:00 p.m.4-3 Loss (OT)


Feb. 4VancouverToronto7:00 p.m.7-3 Win
Feb. 6VancouverToronto7:00 p.m.5-1 Win
Feb. 8VancouverToronto7:00 p.m.3-1 Win
Feb. 10TorontoMontreal7:30 p.m.4-2 Win
Feb. 13MontrealToronto7:00 p.m.2-1 Loss
Feb. 15OttawaToronto7:00 p.m.6-5 Loss (OT)
Feb. 17OttawaToronto7:00 p.m.2-1 Win
Feb. 18OttawaToronto7:00 p.m.7-3 Win
Feb. 20TorontoMontreal7:00 p.m.5-3 Win
Feb. 22CalgaryToronto7:00 p.m.3-0 Loss
Feb. 24CalgaryToronto7:00 p.m.2-1 Win (OT)
Feb. 27TorontoEdmonton7:00 p.m.4-0 Win


March 1TorontoEdmonton10:00 p.m.3-0 Win
March 3TorontoEdmonton8:00 p.m.6-1 Win
March 4TorontoVancouver10:00 p.m.3-1 Loss
March 6TorontoVancouver7:00 p.m.4-2 Loss
March 9WinnipegToronto7:00 p.m.4-3 Loss
March 11WinnipegToronto7:00 p.m.4-3 Win (OT)
March 13WinnipegToronto7:00 p.m.5-2 Loss
March 14TorontoOttawa7:00 p.m.4-3 Loss
March 19CalgaryToronto7:00 p.m.4-3 Loss
March 20CalgaryToronto7:00 p.m.2-0 Win
March 25TorontoOttawa7:00 p.m.3-2 Win (OT)
March 27EdmontonToronto7:00 p.m.4-3 Win (OT)
March 29EdmontonToronto7:00 p.m.3-2 Loss (OT)
March 31TorontoWinnipeg7:30 p.m.3-1 Win


April 2TorontoWinnipeg8:00 p.m.2-1 Win (SO)
April 4TorontoCalgary9:00 p.m.4-2 Win
April 5TorontoCalgary9:30 p.m.5-3 Win
April 7MontrealToronto7:30 p.m.3-2 Win
April 10OttawaToronto7:00 p.m.6-5 Win
April 12TorontoMontreal7:00 p.m.4-2 Loss
April 13CalgaryToronto7:30 p.m.3-2 Loss (OT)
April 15WinnipegToronto7:00 p.m.5-2 Loss
April 18TorontoVancouver7:00 p.m.3-2 Loss (OT)
April 20TorontoVancouver9:00 p.m.6-3 Loss
April 22TorontoWinnipeg7:00 p.m.5-3 Win
April 24TorontoWinnipeg7:00 p.m.4-1 Win
April 28TorontoMontreal8:00 p.m.4-1 Win
April 29VancouverToronto7:30 p.m.4-1 Win


May 1VancouverToronto7:00 p.m.5-1 Win
May 3TorontoMontreal7:00 p.m.3-2 Loss (OT)
May 6MontrealToronto7:00 p.m.5-2 Win
May 8MontrealToronto7:00 p.m.3-2 Win
May 12TorontoOttawa8:00 p.m.4-3 Loss (OT)
May 14TorontoWinnipeg8:00 p.m.4-2 Loss

Here is how the 56 games break down by opponent for the Leafs:

  • 10 games against Montreal, including the season opener on Jan. 13 and two two-game series
  • 10 games against Winnipeg, including two three-game series (in March and April) and one two-game series
  • 9 games against Ottawa, including a back-to-back on the first weekend of the season (Jan. 15-16) and a three-game series in February
  • 9 games against Vancouver, including a three-game series in February and three two-game series
  • 9 games against Calgary, including three two-game series
  • 9 games against Edmonton, including one three-game series and three two-game series