Toronto Maple Leafs Schedule

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Last updated: 2024-04-16 23:29:42

The Toronto Maple Leafs‘ 2023-24 regular-season schedule was released on June 27, 2023.

Find all of this year’s regular season TV broadcast info below. Click on the score underneath “Result” to read an in-depth analysis of each Maple Leafs game.

Toronto Maple Leafs 2023-24 Regular Season Schedule

DateOpponentTime (EST)TV Network/Result
Oct 11vs Montreal7:00 pm6-5 Win (SO)
Oct 14vs Minnesota7:00 pm7-4 Win
Oct 16vs Chicago7:00 pm4-1 Loss
Oct 19@ Florida7:00 pm3-1 Loss
Oct 21@ Tampa Bay7:00 pm4-3 Win (OT)
Oct 24@ Washington6:00 pm4-1 Win
Oct 26@ Dallas8:00 pm4-1 Win
Oct 28@ Nashville7:00 pm3-2 Loss (OT)
Oct 31vs Los Angeles8:00 pm4-1 Loss


Nov 2@ Boston7:30 pm3-2 Loss (SO)
Nov 4vs Buffalo7:00 pm6-4 Loss
Nov 6vs Tampa Bay7:00 pm6-5 Win (OT)
Nov 8vs Ottawa7:00 pm6-3 Loss
Nov 10vs Calgary7:00 pm5-4 Win (SO)
Nov 11vs Vancouver7:00 pm5-2 Win
Nov 17@ Detroit2:00 pm3-2 Win
Nov 19@ Minnesota8:00 am4-3 Win (OT)
Nov 24@ Chicago2:00 pm4-3 Loss (OT)
Nov 25@ Pittsburgh7:00 pm3-2 Loss
Nov 28vs Florida7:00 pm2-1 Win (SO)
Nov 30vs Seattle7:00 pm4-3 Win (SO)


Dec 2vs Boston7:00 pm4-3 Loss (OT)
Dec 7@ Ottawa7:00 pm4-3 Win
Dec 9vs Nashville7:00 pm4-0 Win
Dec 11@ N.Y. Islanders7:00 pm4-3 Loss (OT)
Dec 12@ N.Y. Rangers7:00 pm7-3 Win
Dec 14vs Columbus7:00 pm6-5 Loss (OT)
Dec 16vs Pittsburgh7:00 pm7-0 Win
Dec 19vs N.Y. Rangers7:00 pm5-2 Loss
Dec 21@ Buffalo7:00 pm9-3 Loss
Dec 23@ Columbus7:00 pm4-1 Win
Dec 27vs Ottawa7:00 pm4-2 Loss
Dec 29@ Columbus7:00 pm6-5 Loss (OT)
Dec 30vs Carolina7:00 pm3-2 Loss


Jan 2@ Los Angeles10:30 pm3-0 Win
Jan 3@ Anaheim9:00 pm2-1 Win (OT)
Jan 6@ San Jose7:00 pm4-1 Win
Jan 9vs San Jose7:00 pm7-1 Win
Jan 11@ N.Y. Islanders7:00 pm4-3 Loss (OT)
Jan 13vs Colorado7:00 pm5-3 Loss
Jan 14vs Detroit7:30 pm4-2 Loss
Jan 16@ Edmonton9:00 pm4-2 Loss
Jan 18@ Calgary9:00 pm4-3 Win
Jan 20@ Vancouver7:00 pm6-4 Loss
Jan 21@ Seattle9:00 pm3-1 Win
Jan 24vs Winnipeg7:00 pm1-0 Win (OT)
Jan 27@ Winnipeg7:00 pm4-2 Win


Feb 5vs N.Y. Islanders7:00 pm3-2 Loss
Feb 7vs Dallas7:00 pm5-4 Win
Feb 10@ Ottawa7:00 pm5-3 Loss
Feb 13vs St. Louis7:00 pm4-1 Win
Feb 15vs Philadelphia7:00 pm4-3 Win (OT)
Feb 17vs Anaheim7:00 pm9-2 Win
Feb 19@ St. Louis1:00 pm4-2 Win
Feb 21@ Arizona10:00 pm6-3 Win
Feb 22@ Vegas10:00 pm7-3 Win
Feb 24@ Colorado7:00 pm4-3 Win
Feb 27vs Vegas7:00 pm6-2 Loss
Feb 29vs Arizona7:00 pm4-2 Win


Mar 2vs N.Y. Rangers7:00 pm4-3 Win (SO)
Mar 4vs Boston7:00 pm4-1 Loss
Mar 6vs Buffalo7:00 pm2-1 Win (OT)
Mar 7@ Boston7:00 pm4-1 Loss
Mar 9@ Montreal7:00 pm3-2 Win
Mar 14@ Philadelphia7:30 pm6-2 Win
Mar 16vs Carolina7:00 pm5-4 Loss (SO)
Mar 19@ Philadelphia7:00 pm4-3 Loss
Mar 20@ Washington7:30 pm7-3 Win
Mar 23vs Edmonton7:00 pm6-3 Win
Mar 24@ Carolina6:00 pm2-1 Loss
Mar 26vs New Jersey7:30 pm6-3 Loss
Mar 28vs Washington7:00 pm5-1 Win
Mar 30@ Buffalo7:00 pm3-0 Win


Apr 1vs Florida7:00 pm6-4 Win
Apr 3vs Tampa Bay7:00 pm4-1 Loss
Apr 6@ Montreal7:00 pm4-2 Win
Apr 8vs Pittsburgh7:00 pm3-2 Win (OT)
Apr 9@ New Jersey7:00 pm5-2 Win
Apr 11vs New Jersey7:00 pm6-5 Loss
Apr 13vs Detroit7:00 pm5-4 Loss (OT)
Apr 16@ Florida7:30 pmTSN4
Apr 17@ Tampa Bay7:00 pmSportsnet

Toronto Maple Leafs 2023-24 Preseason/Exhibition Schedule

DateOpponentTime (EST)TV Network/Result
Sep 24@ Ottawa2:00 p.m.3-2 Loss
Sep 25vs. Ottawa7:00 p.m.4-3 Loss (OT)
Sep 27vs. Buffalo6:30 p.m.5-2 Win
Sep 29@ Montreal7:00 p.m.2-1 Win
Sep 30@ Montreal7:00 p.m.3-1 Win
Oct 2vs. Montreal7:00 p.m.5-4 Loss (OT)
Oct 5vs. Detroit7:00 p.m.4-3 Win (OT)
Oct 7@ Detroit7:00 p.m.4-3 Loss