Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, Maple Leafs

In the latest episode of the MLHS Podcast, Nick Ashbourne, Anthony Petrielli, and Alec Brownscombe discuss the first three games of the Boston-Toronto series, including where the Leafs have fallen short so far, Marner’s play, Nylander’s absence, the special teams crisis, and reasons for optimism ahead of Game 4.

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Episode Topics

  • Surprises/disappointments: How does the series compare with the pre-series expectations through three games? (1:00)
  • The impact of William Nylander and Bobby McMann’s absence (9:30)
  • The missed opportunities and issues on the power play, the big breakdowns on the penalty kill, and the player vs coach culpability (15:30)
  • The fairness of the Mitch Marner discourse/criticism (28:00)
  • Possible adjustments to reanimate the power play (40:30)
  • What are the reasons for optimism that the Leafs could still win the series? (46:20)
  • Weighing the performances on the blue line through three games and if a personnel swap makes sense (58:20)
  • A tribute to the great life and career of Bob Cole (1:10:25)