Toronto Marlies Schedule

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Toronto Marlies 2018-2019 Schedule

Oct. 5TORUTI7:00 pm EDT7-3 Win
Oct. 6TORBNG7:05 pm EDT7-5 Loss
Oct. 8CLETOR3:00 pm EDT5-3 Loss
Oct. 13UTITOR4:00 pm EDT7-4 Loss
Oct. 14UTITOR4:00 pm EDT5-3 Loss
Oct. 19TORROC7:05 pm EDT5-4 Loss (SO)
Oct. 20HFDTOR4:00 pm EDT3-2 Win
Oct. 23LAVTOR7:00 pm EDT2-1 Win (OT)
Oct. 26SYRTOR7:00 pm EDT4-1 Win
Nov. 2TORCLE7:00 pm EDT7-6 Loss (SO)
Nov. 9TORBEL7:00 pm EST7-6 Loss
Nov. 10TORBEL7:00 pm EST8-2 Win
Nov. 13TORLAV7:30 pm EST6-2 Loss
Nov. 16TORBEL7:00 pm EST5-4 Loss (OT)
Nov. 17BNGTOR7:00 pm EST2-1 Loss
Nov. 18BNGTOR4:00 pm EST3-2 Win (OT)
Nov. 23TORCLE7:00 pm EST6-5 Win (OT)
Nov. 25CLETOR4:00 pm EST2-1 Loss
Nov. 28TORCLE7:00 pm EST5-4 (OT) Win
Dec. 1WBSTOR4:00 pm EST7-4 Win
Dec. 2LVTOR4:00 pm EST5-2 Loss
Dec. 5PROTOR7:00 pm EST5-0 Loss
Dec. 8LAVTOR4:00 pm EST4-3 Loss (OT)
Dec. 9BELTOR4:00 pm EST1-0 Win (OT)
Dec. 12SYRTOR7:00 pm EST8-1 Loss
Dec. 14TORMB7:00 pm CST7-2 Win
Dec. 15TORMB6:00 pm CST5-1 Win
Dec. 19BNGTOR7:00 pm EST3-1 Win
Dec. 21TORLAV7:30 pm EST2-1 Loss
Dec. 22TORLAV1:00 pm EST2-0 Win
Dec. 26BELTOR3:00 pm EST4-1 Loss
Dec. 28TORROC7:05 pm EST5-1 Loss
Dec. 31CHATOR3:00 pm ESTWin 5-4 (OT)
Jan. 4TORBNG7:05 pm EST5-1 Win
Jan. 5TORSYR7:00 pm EST5-2 Win
Jan. 6CHATOR4:00 pm EST5-0 Loss
Jan. 9UTITOR7:00 pm EST6-3 Win
Jan. 11TORROC7:05 pm EST5-1 Win
Jan. 12ROCTOR4:00 pm EST5-1 Loss
Jan. 19TORCHA6:00 pm EST4-3 Win
Jan. 20TORCHA1:00 pm EST5-0 Win
Jan. 23TORCLE7:00 pm EST6-5 Loss
Jan. 25TORBEL7:00 pm EST6-2 Loss
Jan. 26TORBEL7:00 pm EST3-2 Win (SO)
Feb. 1LAVTOR7:00 pm EST1-0 Win (OT)
Feb. 2LAVTOR4:00 pm EST3-0 Win
Feb. 5BELTOR7:00 pm EST7-6 Loss (OT)
Feb. 9SPRTOR4:00 pm EST4-2 Win
Feb. 10BELTOR4:00 pm EST4-3 Loss (OT)
Feb. 13TORHFD7:00 pm EST3-2 Loss
Feb. 15TORPRO7:05 pm EST3-1 Loss
Feb. 16TORSPR7:05 pm EST3-1 Win
Feb. 18SYRTOR3:00 pm EST5-3 Win
Feb. 20MBTOR11:00 am EST4-3 Win
Feb. 22TORSYR7:00 pm EST1-0 Loss (OT)
Feb. 23TORSYR7:00 pm EST3-2 Win (OT)
Feb. 27MBTOR11:00 am EST3-2 Loss
Mar. 2CLETOR5:00 pm EST3-2 Win (OT)
Mar. 6TORLAV7:30 pm EST4-3 Win (OT)
Mar. 8TORLAV7:00 pm EST3-0 Win
Mar. 10BRITOR4:00 pm EDTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Mar. 11BELTOR1:30 pm EDTScotiabank Arena
Mar. 15TORHER7:00 pm EDTGiant Center
Mar. 16TORLV7:05 pm EDTPPL Center
Mar. 17TORWBS3:05 pm EDTMohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza
Mar. 20TORBRI7:00 pm EDTWebster Bank Arena
Mar. 23ROCTOR5:00 pm EDTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Mar. 24ROCTOR4:00 pm EDTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Mar. 29TORUTI7:00 pm EDTAdirondack Bank Center
Mar. 30LAVTOR7:00 pm EDTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Apr. 4HERTOR11:00 am EDTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Apr. 5TORUTI7:00 pm EDTAdirondack Bank Center
Apr. 6TORBNG7:05 pm EDTFloyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena
Apr. 10TORBEL7:00 pm EDTYardmen Arena
Apr. 13BELTOR4:00 pm EDTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Apr. 14CLETOR4:00 pm EDTCoca-Cola Coliseum

Schedule Notes:

– 71% of the Marlies‘ 2018-19 schedule is made up of divisional opponents. They’ll face Syracuse, Utica, Binghamton and Rochester six times, respectively, Cleveland eight times, Laval ten times, and the Belleville Senators 12 times.

– Toronto will play each of their Atlantic Division opponents twice, with the exception of the Charlotte Checkers, who the Marlies will play four times. The only Western Conference opponent on the docket is the Central Division’s Manitoba Moose, with another four-game set scheduled for this season against the Canadian rival.

– The Marlies will only encounter the dreaded three-in-three weekend on four occasions in 2018-19, but one of those is a brutal road-trip during which they’ll visit the Hershey Bears, Lehigh Valley Phantoms, and Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins.

– The Marlies will feature at the Scotiabank Arena for three games in 2018-19, including Boxing Day (Belleville – December 26), Family Day (Syracuse – February 18) and during March Break (Belleville – March 11).

– The 11 a.m. school day games will take place against the Manitoba Moose (February 27) and Hershey Bears (April 4).

– The longest road stretch of the schedule is a pair of five-game stints occurring in early November and late January.

– The busiest day of the week for Toronto will be Saturday, with 23 games scheduled, 12 of which are home games.

– The best time to catch the Marlies will be in December, with nine games in total at the Coliseum, including a six-game homestead (Dec 1-12) featuring both Atlantic and North Division opponents. December is also the busiest month with 14 games scheduled, while both February and March will see the Marlies in action on 13 occasions.

By Mark Rackham, Toronto Marlies reporter for