Toronto Marlies Schedule

Page last updated 2021-03-07 04:53:49

While the American Hockey League officially started on February 5, 2021, the teams in the Canadian Division had to sit tight. Negotiations took place between the league and the provincial government of Ontario as to whether Toronto and Belleville would be allowed to compete at home amid Covid restrictions.

On February 12, 2021, both Belleville and Toronto were given the go-ahead to play home games. For the five teams in the American Hockey League’s Canadian Division, the expectation is for a 32-40 game season in 2021. There is no plan in place for league-wide playoffs or a Calder Cup to be awarded, although the idea of playing for an interdivisional championship has been bandied about.

DateAwayHomeTime (EST)


Feb. 15TorontoManitoba3-2 Win
Feb. 16TorontoManitoba6-2 Win
Feb. 18TorontoManitoba4-2 Loss
Feb. 19TorontoManitoba2-1 Loss
Feb. 21TorontoStockton7-1 Win
Feb. 23TorontoStockton5-1 Win
Feb. 24TorontoStockton4-2 Loss
Feb. 26TorontoStockton8-1 Loss


Mar. 1MBTOR4-2 Win
Mar. 3MBTOR4-2 Win
Mar. 5STKTOR5-1 Loss
Mar. 6STKTOR3:00 pm
Mar. 12LAVTOR7:00 pm
Mar. 14TORLAV7:00 pm
Mar. 19TORBEL7:00 pm
Mar. 20TORBEL3:00 pm
Mar. 24BELTOR7:00 pm
Mar. 29STKTOR7:00 pm
Mar. 31STKTOR7:00 pm


Apr. 3BELTOR5:00 pm
Apr. 9LAVTOR7:00 pm
Apr. 10LAVTOR3:00 pm
Apr. 17TORLAV1:00 pm
Apr. 18TORLAV1:00 pm
Apr. 21TORBEL7:00 pm
Apr. 23TORBEL7:00 pm
Apr. 24TORBEL3:00 pm
Apr. 28BELTOR7:00 pm


May. 2BELTOR5:00 pm
May. 4TORLAV7:00 pm
May. 6MBTOR7:00 pm
May. 8MBTOR3:00 pm
May. 9MBTOR3:00 pm
May. 11LAVTOR7:00 pm
May. 13LAVTOR7:00 pm
May. 15TORLAV1:00 pm