Toronto Marlies Schedule

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Toronto Marlies 2019-20 Schedule



Oct. 5BELTOR4:00 pm EDTCoca-Cola Coliseum4-1 Win
Oct. 11TORMB7:00 pm CDTBell MTS Place3-2 Win
Oct. 12TORMB2:00 pm CDTBell MTS Place4-0 Win
Oct. 16HERTOR7:00 pm EDTCoca-Cola Coliseum4-3 Win
Oct. 19CLETOR4:00 pm EDTCoca-Cola Coliseum2-0 Win
Oct. 20CLETOR4:00 pm EDTCoca-Cola Coliseum6-5 Win (SO)
Oct. 26TORBNG7:05 pm EDTFloyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena3-2 Loss (OT)
Oct. 27TORSYR5:00 pm EDTOnondaga County War Memorial Arena4-3 Loss (OT)


Nov. 1TORBEL7:00 pm EDTCAA Arena7-4 Win
Nov. 2TORLAV3:00 pm EDTPlace Bell6-5 Loss (SO)
Nov. 6TORRFD10:30 am CSTBMO Harris Bank Center3-1 Loss
Nov. 8TORGR7:00 pm ESTVan Andel Arena4-1 Loss
Nov. 9TORGR7:00 pm ESTVan Andel Arena5-2 Win
Nov. 16TEXTOR4:00 pm ESTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Nov. 17TEXTOR4:00 pm ESTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Nov. 20LAVTOR7:00 pm ESTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Nov. 23MBTOR4:00 pm ESTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Nov. 24MBTOR4:00 pm ESTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Nov. 29TORROC7:05 pm ESTBlue Cross Arena
Nov. 30UTITOR1:30 pm ESTScotiabank Arena


Dec. 1UTITOR4:00 pm ESTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Dec. 4TORROC7:05 pm ESTBlue Cross Arena
Dec. 7SATOR4:00 pm ESTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Dec. 8SATOR4:00 pm ESTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Dec. 11TORUTI7:00 pm ESTAdirondack Bank Center
Dec. 14BELTOR4:00 pm ESTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Dec. 15RFDTOR4:00 pm ESTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Dec. 21TORBEL7:00 pm ESTCAA Arena
Dec. 26BELTOR3:00 pm ESTScotiabank Arena
Dec. 27TORLAV7:30 pm ESTPlace Bell
Dec. 28TORLAV3:00 pm ESTPlace Bell
Dec. 31CLETOR3:00 pm ESTCoca-Cola Coliseum


Jan. 3TORSYR7:00 pm ESTOnondaga County War Memorial Arena
Jan. 4ROCTOR4:00 pm ESTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Jan. 5LVTOR4:00 pm ESTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Jan. 10TORTEX7:00 pm CSTH-E-B Center at Cedar Park
Jan. 11TORTEX7:00 pm CSTH-E-B Center at Cedar Park
Jan. 12TORSA3:00 pm CSTAT&T Center
Jan. 16TORSA7:00 pm CSTAT&T Center
Jan. 18TORCHA6:00 pm ESTBojangles' Coliseum
Jan. 19TORCHA1:00 pm ESTBojangles' Coliseum
Jan. 24TORCLE7:00 pm ESTRocket Mortgage FieldHouse
Jan. 25TORCLE1:00 pm ESTRocket Mortgage FieldHouse
Jan. 31CHATOR7:00 pm ESTCoca-Cola Coliseum


Feb. 1CHATOR4:00 pm ESTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Feb. 4BELTOR7:00 pm ESTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Feb. 7TORBEL7:00 pm ESTCAA Arena
Feb. 8ROCTOR4:00 pm ESTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Feb. 9LAVTOR4:00 pm ESTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Feb. 14TORBEL7:00 pm ESTCAA Arena
Feb. 15BELTOR4:00 pm ESTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Feb. 17BNGTOR3:00 pm ESTScotiabank Arena
Feb. 19BNGTOR11:00 am ESTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Feb. 22TORLAV3:00 pm ESTPlace Bell
Feb. 26CLETOR11:00 am ESTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Feb. 28TORUTI7:00 pm ESTAdirondack Bank Center
Feb. 29TORBNG4:05 pm ESTFloyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena


Mar. 4TORBEL7:00 pm ESTCAA Arena
Mar. 6SYRTOR7:00 pm ESTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Mar. 7SYRTOR7:00 pm ESTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Mar. 11TORBRI7:00 pm EDTWebster Bank Arena
Mar. 13TORHER7:00 pm EDTGiant Center
Mar. 14TORLV7:05 pm EDTPPL Center
Mar. 17ROCTOR1:30 pm EDTScotiabank Arena
Mar. 19GRTOR1:30 pm EDTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Mar. 21BELTOR4:00 pm EDTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Mar. 22GRTOR4:00 pm EDTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Mar. 25TORROC7:05 pm EDTBlue Cross Arena
Mar. 28LAVTOR4:00 pm EDTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Mar. 29SYRTOR4:00 pm EDTCoca-Cola Coliseum


Apr. 2LAVTOR11:00 am EDTCoca-Cola Coliseum
Apr. 3TORCLE7:00 pm EDTRocket Mortgage FieldHouse
Apr. 5TORCLE1:00 pm EDTRocket Mortgage FieldHouse
Apr. 8TORBEL7:00 pm EDTCAA Arena
Apr. 10TORSYR7:00 pm EDTOnondaga County War Memorial Arena
Apr. 11BRITOR4:00 pm EDTCoca-Cola Coliseum

Schedule Notes:

The most notable change for the 2019-20 schedule is that Toronto will again head out for a Western Conference swing, where they’ll face off against old adversaries in the Grand Rapids Griffins, Rockford Ice Hogs, San Antonio Rampage, and Texas Stars. It brings an refreshing diversity to the schedule that I’ve been an advocate of for a while, helping to break up the monotony of a division-heavy schedule.

Speaking of the North Division, Toronto will face Belleville on 12 occasions, Laval and Cleveland eight times, and Rochester and Syracuse six games apiece, while a mildly surprising change is only matching up for four tilts against Utica and Binghamton.

A disappointing facet of the schedule is the lack of games slated against Atlantic Division opponents as the Marlies will only play four of the eight teams for a combined ten games — namely Bridgeport (2), Hershey (2), Lehigh (2), and Charlotte (4).

The summer expectation was that the American Hockey League would make a real effort to cut down on the number of three-in-three’s, but the Marlies have been handed five of those energy-sapping tests, an increase of one from last season.

The Marlies‘ busiest months of the season will be February and March, with the team in action 13 times. Those two months also mark the best time to catch the team in action as they play a combined 16 games on home ice.

Scotiabank Arena will play host for four (home) games, which includes a Marlies and Leafs doubleheader (November 30) and games on Boxing Day (December 26), Family Day (February 17), and St. Patrick’s Day (March 17).