Toronto Marlies Schedule

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Toronto Marlies vs. Belleville Senators -- 2024 Calder Cup First Round Playoff Schedule

The Senators won the best-of-three series 2-1.
DateHome TeamTime (ET)Result
Wednesday, April 24Belleville7:00 p.m.3-1 Loss
Friday, April 26Toronto7:00 p.m. 4-3 Win (OT)
Sunday, April 28Belleville3:00 p.m.4-3 Loss (OT)

Toronto Marlies 2023-24 Regular Season Schedule

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Oct. 14ROCTOR5-4 Loss (OT)
Oct. 15UTCTOR5-2 Win
Oct. 21CLTTOR3-2 Loss
Oct. 22CLTTOR4-2 Win
Oct. 24MILTOR3-2 Win
Oct. 27TORBEL2-1 Loss (OT)
Oct. 28TORBEL4-3 Win (SO)


Nov. 3TORLAV5-3 Loss
Nov. 4TORLAV5-0 Win
Nov. 8TORMIL7-3 Loss
Nov. 10TORGR7-3 Win
Nov. 11TORGR4-0 Win
Nov. 18MBTOR7-2 Win
Nov. 19MBTOR4-2 Loss
Nov. 21LVTOR2-1 Loss
Nov. 24TORCLE3-2 Loss
Nov. 26CLETOR4-3 Loss (OT)


Dec. 1TORSYR4-3 Loss
Dec. 2SYRTOR3-1 Loss
Dec. 5GRTOR4-3 Win (OT)
Dec. 10GRTOR3-1 Win
Dec. 15TORPRO8-2 Win
Dec. 17TORHFD4-3 Win (OT)
Dec. 20PROTOR7-3 Win
Dec. 22TORBEL4-3 Loss
Dec. 26BELTOR4-2 Loss
Dec. 27TORCLE3-2 Loss
Dec. 30BELTOR3-2 Loss (OT)


Jan. 3CLETOR2-1 Win
Jan. 6SYRTOR6-3 Loss
Jan. 7SYRTOR4-3 Loss (OT)
Jan. 12BELTOR8-0 Win
Jan. 14TORBEL6-2 Loss
Jan. 20TORCLT5-2 Win
Jan. 21TORCLT4-1 Win
Jan. 24TORCLE7-5 Loss
Jan. 27TORLV4-3 Win (SO)
Jan. 28TORHER4-3 Loss (OT)
Jan. 31TORWBS4-1 Win


Feb. 2TORUTC4-0 Win
Feb. 3TORUTC6-5 Loss (SO)
Feb. 9LAVTOR6-1 Win
Feb. 10LAVTOR7-1 Loss
Feb. 14WBSTOR6-1 Loss
Feb. 16TORBEL4-3 Win
Feb. 17HERTOR3-2 Loss (OT)
Feb. 19ROCTOR2-1 Loss (OT)
Feb. 23TORLAV4-1 Win
Feb. 24TORLAV5-1 Win
Feb. 28TORCLE4-3 Loss (OT)


Mar. 1TORSYR3-2 Loss
Mar. 2SYRTOR4-2 Loss
Mar. 6BELTOR3-2 Win
Mar. 8TORUTC7-6 Win
Mar. 9TORSPR5-1 Loss
Mar. 15TORROC5-3 Loss
Mar. 16ROCTOR7-3 Win
Mar. 17LAVTOR7-1 Win
Mar. 22TORROC2-1 Win (SO)
Mar. 23HFDTOR5-1 Win
Mar. 24LAVTOR4-1 Loss
Mar. 27TORMB2-1 Win (OT)
Mar. 29TORMB4-3 Loss


Apr. 3SPRTOR6-3 Win
Apr. 6UTCTOR5-1 Win
Apr. 7UTCTOR5-1 Loss
Apr. 10BELTOR3-2 Loss (OT)
Apr. 12TORSYR2-1 Win (SO)
Apr. 13TORSYR6-5 Win (SO)
Apr. 17TORROC3-1 Loss
Apr. 20CLETOR4-3 Loss
Apr. 21CLETOR3-1 Win

The Toronto Marlies will begin their 19th season in franchise history on home ice when they play host to Rochester on October 15 followed by the Utica Comets a day later.

A five-game home stand to start the campaign includes a visit by Atlantic Division opponents Charlotte for a doubleheader followed by a single tilt against the Milwaukee Admirals of the Central Division. It’s the first of the two occasions that Toronto will play five consecutive home games throughout the campaign.

As always, divisional matchups are at the fore as North Division foes account for almost 64% of Toronto’s schedule. Toronto faces Belleville on 10 occasions, but surprisingly, they will only play Rochester six times. Considering the history between the two clubs plus the recent playoff series, it seems like an odd decision for the Marlies and Amerks to play so few games.

As for the remainder of the North Division, Toronto will play Cleveland and Laval eight times apiece, while there are six games against Utica.

December, March, and April mark the best opportunity to catch the Marlies as they play six home games in those months. March is their busiest month, with Toronto in action on 13 occasions, seven of which are on the road.

After five games at home to start the season, Toronto will face seven consecutive games on the road. During the 16 days of their travels, the Marlies will visit Belleville, Laval, Milwaukee (school day game), and Grand Rapids.

The lengthiest road trip of the season is nine games in length between January 14 – February 3, 2014. It will test the resolve of the roster with seven different opponents in 21 days, including three Atlantic Division teams.

Toronto will play teams from three of the four divisions, with the Pacific being the lone outlier. There are 16 games against Atlantic Division opponents and 10 against Central Division opponents.

The Marlies will visit Scotiabank Arena for three games in their annual series. Those include the Boxing Day game against Belleville (December 26), Rochester visiting on Family Day (February 19), and a game against the Amerks on March 16.

Toronto will conclude their regular season on Sunday, April 21 at home against the Cleveland Monsters (Columbus).