Here we go.

Randy Carlyle will dress all of Colton Orr, Mike Brown and Frazer McLaren for tonight’s highly-anticipated rematch with the Canadiens.

Typically, there isn’t the carry over you expect in these type of bad-blood rematch games. Both teams focus on winning the game first. There’s a possibility the Habs will be bitter enough about Colton Orr running Pleckanec and then one punching Rene Borque to the ice, and Grabovski’s alleged bite on Pacioretty, that they’ll show no hesitancy in taking a run at some of the Leafs skilled players. The Leafs are well prepared if the game goes that way. The Habs would be smart to forget that stuff and try to stick to their usual road gameplan – they’re 4-1-2 on the road despite outscoring their opponents just 17-15.

Go Leafs Go.

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