Jim Montgomery, playoff press conference
Jim Montgomery, playoff press conference

On an off-day between Games 3 and 4, Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery discussed his team’s Game 3 victory, the goaltending decision for Game 4, and Max Domi’s run-in with Jeremy Swayman during a TV timeout.

As you reflect a day later, what are your thoughts on the Game 3 win?

Montgomery: We found a few areas where we think we can get better. I think there is a good portion of the game there, especially in the third period, where we felt we had a lot of success and possessed the puck more than we have been.

You were not a fan of the extra day off in Toronto, but is it nice to have the extra day to decompress after an emotional game?

Montgomery: Whether you have two days off or one day off, momentum game-to-game… You would think we would have the momentum from the third period, but it doesn’t work that way. You would think Toronto would have the momentum after the third period they had in Game 2. There is no carryover of momentum from game-to-game that I have noticed for years.

Selfishly, for me, I get to go see my sister here today. Once I am done with your questions, I am going out to Pickering.

Does the extra day off colour your thinking on the goaltending situation?

Montgomery: Yeah. We are going to have more rest. But the rotation has been so good for us. It is a hard decision.

Jeremy Swayman has had so much success against the Leafs. Do you buy into the idea that a goalie could have a specific team’s number, or is it just an aberration that he is 5-0 against Toronto?

Montgomery: Sometimes, I don’t think that, but when Domi goes off the bench and bumps him on purpose, it makes me think that maybe he is in their head a little bit.

The bump from Max Domi didn’t seem to bother Swayman at all. What about his mental makeup allows him to brush that sort of thing off?

Montgomery: Ultra competitive. If anyone is close to Marchy on our team as far as competitive fire, it is him.

Two defensemen, Mason Lohrei and Parker Wotherspoon, made their playoff debuts in Game 3. How do you think they fared?

Montgomery: Very good. They were not overwhelmed by the moment. That is the biggest thing. Are there areas of their games that they could improve on? Yeah, and that is good. We are going to be able to teach that. But they did a lot of good things. For both guys, their battle level and poise with the puck was good.

What did you think of James van Riemsdyk’s first game of the series?

Montgomery: Good. He had two excellent scoring chances himself. He set up a third. He was getting to the spots that he has been when he has played well. It was a really good game for him.

Is there an update on Derek Forbort’s situation? Is he getting closer?

Montgomery: Step by step, he is getting closer. I don’t know if he is an option. If we were playing today, he is not an option.

The wall work before the DeBrusk and Marchand goals in Game 3 must have been a positive in the game tape.

Montgomery: It was an area that we thought we needed to improve on. Give our forwards credit. We challenged them to work and get to places quicker. They got there, and they were heavy.

Brad Marchand talked about the importance of gratitude for the opportunity setting the tone before Game 3. Jeremy Swayman talked about it after the game. Is that something your team talks about before the game in terms of setting the tone?

Montgomery: It is something that I think is part of our culture. It has been talked about for years here. When I read those quotes, I loved it. It is a big part of my life. I know for a lot of our players and our culture, it is a big part of team culture.

It is a huge sports weekend for Boston with the Celtics’ playoff run, Messi playing against the New England Revolution, and then the Bruins-Leafs series. You’re on the road this weekend, but are you aware of all of it and appreciate being a part of a vibrant sports scene?

Montgomery: I am aware. I get a lot of text messages about whether I can get tickets to all of those things. I am like, “I can’t go!” I am aware, and I love being in Boston. It is the greatest sports town.