Dreger: Leafs willing to sweeten pot to offload Liles


The Toronto Maple Leafs are willing to sweeten the pot to get John-Michael Liles back in the National Hockey League and off of the Leafs’ books.

Toronto will retain a significant portion of Liles’s salary for the remainder of his contract to encourage a trade.

Darren Dreger

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  • 2minutes

    Why’d we resign this guy??  I mean, I was down to resign him, but if management knew he was this close to being pushed out, why resign him??

  • Biltmore

    I feel bad for Liles and those Marlie jerseys are a dog’s breakfast.

  • mattobv

    Biltmore eff that those jerseys are awesome

  • TMLConnor

    It’d be great if we could get Liles out of toronto once and for all so he can just move on.

  • Dink

    Biltmore yes they are

  • Dink

    2minutes ask Burke

  • Dink

    I bet the GM phones are buzzing these days, a lot of teams are not playing very well.

  • Dink

    I think the hangout needs more old farts

  • Wharf Rat

    Liles could use a fresh start. He can move the puck and would be good for, say, the Oilers or even Carolina – although it’d be great if he went to the West.

  • GreekGod

    Well, just before his concussion, Liles was on pace to be one of the top scoring defence man in the League. Burke’s problem was waiting to see how Liles would play post concussion… he signed him before he even got back in the line up.