Wednesday Mashup: Ghosts of the Southeast Division


I hope everyone is enjoying the early stages of their hangover this morning. I assume everyone is hungover because the Leafs game last night was a debacle that would drive any Leafs fan to have a few swigs of whatever is closest at hand. The dreaded Southeast-opponent-on-a-Tuesday-night curse has reared its ugly head once again, and even the dissolution of the Southeast division can’t put it to rest it would seem.

The meanest part of the toughest stretch of the schedule is behind the Leafs at this point and they will have to start winning hockey games again if they want to be in the playoff conversation for the rest of the season. Things will have to turn around very quickly or else we could be talking draft lottery by the Olympic break.

Coming through the so-called “Deathcember” with 6 of a possible 18 points so far is obviously not a particularly exciting development. The game against the LA Kings last Wednesday was the strongest Leafs effort of the season to this point even though they came away with nothing to show for it. After a shocking upset win over Chicago, dropping both games of a back-to-back when both were winnable is frustrating to say the least. Phoenix is in town on Thursday followed by Detroit on Saturday. The Leafs will have to regroup quickly and rediscover the missing ingredient present for the LA and Chicago games.

Carlyle in his post-game presser seemed to think fatigue was a major reason for the slow start Tuesday, as opposed to the slow start against Pittsburgh, which he attributed to mental dullness. Carlyle also admitted to noted jerkwad Steve Simmons that the losing is starting to reach a crisis point.

Reimer was noticeably peeved enough to depart from his typical gee-willikers comportment, even going as far to use an abbreviation for a curse word when he called any injury or busy-schedule excuses “BS.” He also added:

Red flags everywhere.

Trevor Smith broke a bone in his hand and left the game, which is yet another hit to the Leafs thin depth at centre. Jerred Smithson, oh joy, has been recalled.

Some Hump Day reading:

  • mcloki

    We must from now on always refer to Steve Simmons as “noted jerkwad”. lol

  • mcloki

    And shouldn’t those flags be white because we have gone all French and surrendered.

  • MaxwellHowe

    mcloki no one’s coming McLoki.  Still fighting back on game in 10.  This blog piece was perhaps superfluous

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    MaxwellHowe mcloki Actually? Screw it I’m going to study.

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    mcloki nj no caps

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    This post was up earlier until Petrielli started all the Pheneuf trade talk

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    Alex is still trying to shepard everyone here.  Good news is the topic remains the Leaf’s crappiness.

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    mcloki LOL….You trying to call us Habs fans?……them’s fighting words!!!    lol  :)

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    Burtonboy it was always there just had to search a bit :)

  • lukethenuke

    Was at the game last night… didnt check in here til now but that was the WORST Leafs game I have gone to that i can remember… equivilant to Wilson days. It was pathetic. DOnt know what the mood is around here but I am really worrying