Tim Gleason’s first media scrum as a Leaf


New Leaf Tim Gleason speaks with the media after his first practice on Friday.

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  • The_Polish_Cannon

    haha I like the mention of the kulemin incident

  • dlb eh

    Good first impression.
    Fraser did a good job for us last year for the most part.  with his apparent decline, perhaps Timmy F’n (oh wait…he’ll have to earn that) Gleason will re-fill that need.  perhaps Franson’s a natural first try for a partner?
    God forbid we ever get Fraser, Ranger and Gleason all playing well and in the lineup together.

  • ShotgunCharlie

    Is that a scar on the side of his head? lol

  • The_Polish_Cannon

    dlb eh I can see Carlyle forcing it even if they all aren’t playing well

  • Loric76

    You can tell the guy’s nervous in front of all those cameras.  When asked if he knows anybody on the team, he mentions Kuli and playing against a few others…nevermind that he played with Kessel (and JVR?) in the 2010 Olympics lol.

  • bentleyy

    haha, I like this video